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Slowly Easing Back Into Things

Today I am 3 weeks and 1 day post partum.

If I had, had Finn vaginally, I would have most likely started jogging by now.  I realize that some think that is a crazy thought, but, I ran 2 weeks post partum with Trout and had no complications, (mind you I was running no more than 3 miles at that point and much much slower).

However, this go around I am having to take things MUCH slower.

Today I went out for another 1 mile walk.

You guys, it felt A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  

I don’t think my boys are minding either 😉

Trout and Bodhi have been as cooped up as me.  Finn is enjoying his naps via stroller.  Life is good for today.

Let me talk a bit about getting back into shape and what has been happening with my body with little to no activity.

Some might hate me when I say this, or hopefully you will see that this comment has nothing to do with vanity and has everything to do with my love of feeling strong and able to run for miles at a time with only happiness to preoccupy my mind.

Lack of running or activity in general has left me scrawny.

I run for my soul, but I also stay active because when I don’t I get too thin and I like having shape not a figure that cloths hang off of.

Having a history of anorexia, you would think, I would crave the thin thing; I do not.  I really love feeling strong and looking strong.  I think the body does better with a little meat on it and when you are faced with illness, you are better able to cope when you have a little to give in-case of emergency.

My obligation and motivation is to stay healthy for my 3 boys.  I Want to have my health and energy to keep up with Bodhi, Trout, and Finn and to make sure their needs are met as well as their little hearts are thriving and feeling loved.

I don’t care about the scale and what it reads.  I do care if cloths are hanging off of me or if I am not strong enough to chase after my children; because, those measurements matter.

Easing back into activity is a slow going process right now.  I am enjoying it mile-by-mile. I am only going as fast as my toddler encouraging his momma, to ” move faster!” will go.

I will hopefully be able to do more than walking after my 6 week appointment.  I am unable to do yoga and that is something else I am excited to encorporate back into my life again.

Until then…I will be walking, slowly, mile-by-mile.  I will be eating well and enough food so that I can continue to put weight on my cute little Finn man.  I will also be doing a lot of snuggling and loving on my boys while my life is lived at a slower than normal pace.


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