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Finn’s Birth Story Part #1

So, here it goes.

Like I mentioned in my prior, leading-up-to birth post (click HERE to read) my cesarean was scheduled for Thursday, March 30 at 8 am.  

The night prior to surgery was emotional.  I received a ton of heart-felt love and support texts from friends, calls where family and friends wanted to actually pray for us, as well as love and support felt universally going into the surgery the following day.

I did not sleep well that night.

I had played the “worse case scenario” so many times in my head, sleep had become an interrupted event ever since I knew that surgery was inevitable.

Morning of, Ryan and I got up, and nervously got ourselves ready.  I wrote a note to Bodhi as well as to Trout that they could read when the woke up that morning.  I knew that having their mom gone for 3 days was not going to be fun for them and I wanted to make sure they knew that even though I was doing something not involving them that they were still on my mind.

Ryan’s mom gave us both a hug fare-well and re-asured us both that everything would be okay.

Arriving at the hospital was surreal. It is weird walking into labor & delivery 36 weeks pregnant not in labor, but knowing that you were going to have your baby in less than 3 hours time.

Nerves were high, but somehow, a calm started to settle over me.

For anyone who knows Ryan and me, our relationship is not filled with sweet sentiment, sappy love-letters, and “mushy” talk.  While I was changing into my hospital gown and “seductively” (meaning made sure I got a laugh out of Ryan) got into my gown I reminded Ryan how “hot” his wife was and then asked him to tie me up making sure I pointed out for the ten millionth time that no matter how tight he tied it…if I didn’t hold the back of the gown shut everyone was going to get a clear shot of my bum, (I made him laugh, so it was a success).

The nurse who handled my iv as well as hung out with us before they wheeled me down to the recovery room where I would wait to head into the OR was amazing. I told her I only wished she were the OR nurse.  She set the tone for the rest of the morning, which would prove itself to be filled with so many more people just like her…kind, completely kind/genuinely nice.

I didn’t realize how fast everything would happen.  Before I knew it I was put in a wheel chair, which felt weird since I was perfectly capable of walking to the OR…but, would I have as willfully 😉

Ryan and I kissed goodbye and I joked saying that the next time he saw me he would be seeing my insides (fully knowing he was not at all wanting to see anything related to my insides).

Hanging out in the OR recovery room was not the most fun I’ve had.  You are basically put on a bed, faced towards a wall, a sheets-distance from someone coming out of surgery.  I remember lying there rubbing my belly trying to soak in every last minute I would have with baby Finn in my belly.  I think it really hit me at that moment that the pregnancy was almost over and it made me sad.

I also played a game with myself with the monitor that showed my vitals; I played…how low can I get my blood pressure just by breathing slower and deeper, and can I keep my O2 stats at 99 or higher?…I was doing everything and anything to get my mind off surgery.

Before heading to the OR I met with the head anesthesiologist, the anesthesiologist nurse (who was amazing and kept me calm the entire time), and my OB.  Everyone, including me, was calm and in a good mood, (again, I don’t know why all of a sudden I was able to just deal with it all, but I am so glad I did).

Heading into the OR was again, surprisingly calm for me.  I remember thinking, “this room looks nothing like the movies” and also, “wow! it is really bright  and chilly in here”.

As soon as I entered the OR everyone got down to business. I was bent over and given my spinal.  I will admit, I was super nervous about this part and it was nothing worth worrying over.  Imagine a bee sting in your back, that’s about it.  I don’t know if I have a higher than normal pain tolerance, but that really was the easiest part of the whole thing.

As soon as my spinal was done, my legs started to feel prickly instantly and I was quickly laid down and prepped for surgery.  I remember feeling pressure, but no pain.  At one point my OB asked me how I was doing and I told him great.  He laughed and said, “good.  I am poking the heck out of you with sharp tweezers which means you are numb and ready to go”.  Relief!

The anesthesiologist gave me the bare bones as far as meds.  I told her I don’t take more than a baby ibuprofen and was worried the drugs would make me loopy or sick.  She told me she would be as conservative as possible as long as I let her know if I was starting to feel anything.  

Surgery itself was again, the easy part.  I will say this: they warn you that you will feel tugging and pulling briefly, but my body was in non-stop tugging/rocking motion once they made the incision.  My OB was trying to make my incision as small as possible (small uterus, small baby, equals small incision).  However, because everything was “small” I looked like a person thrashing about during a shark attack.  If you are squeamish about pressure and motion during cesarean you would NOT have liked my experience.  

As soon as they were ready to start pulling Finn out Ryan joined me.  You all, Ryan is normally my rock, SUPER stoic.  However, he entered with a look like a kid meeting the Easter bunny at the mall for the first time; a look of panic, like he was seeing something just not natural and all he wanted to do was run away and hide.  I encouraged him to touch my hand, but even that was like asking him to move mountains…I felt so bad that he was the scared one and I was the calm one.  The OB and I had a good laugh about that after the procedure, (especially since I was the head case leading up to it all).

Within minutes our sweet baby was born and we were told we had another boy!  My cord was long so he was held up pretty high.  Unfortunately, nausea really struck me and Finn was having a hard time breathing so I wasn’t able to see him and he was swept away fairly quickly.

Finn was born with premature lung development so his lungs were needing extra help to stay inflated.  Thankfully, he wasn’t in too bad of shape.  I was able to hold him briefly before the worked on him some more, (later I found out that they were putting a CPAP on him) and then they brought him and Ryan up to the NICU.

Getting me closed back up happened next.  Nausea was intense.  Thankfully, holding a cotton swab to my nose with alcohol on it as well as my shear will not to throw-up kept me from puking in the OR, but, I will admit…I had my doubts.  I guess there are a ton of receptor sites on the uterus that make woman prone to nausea.  Obviously, cesareans and especially after while they are pulling out the placenta as well as suturing you back up there is a lot of jostling of the uterus so the feeling of nausea is completely normal.

Before I knew it, a very un-eventful (as far as placenta previa cesarean’s go) was over and I was ready to head back to recovery.  

I will let you know the rest tomorrow.  I hope you have enjoyed a wordy, but crazy/memorable journey so far.









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