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Run Nelly Run

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Run Nelly Run is on another podcast!!!!

I was beyond excited and flattered when my name popped up in a very near and dear podcaster’s Instagram account today; my interview with podcast, “Doing It At Home”, came out today!

I had the pleasure of “sitting down” with Sarah and Matthew a couple of months ago to talk home birth.  As most of you know, I had a home birth with my second son, Trout, which was a great experience for me.  I was delighted to find out that Sarah, who I follow on Instagram (God bless Instagram) was looking for home birthing stories and I thought mine would be an interesting contribution…especially with this pregnancy proving to have a cesarean end-result.

I hope if you are at all interested in home birth or find birth stories as fun to hear as I do, that you will tune in and check the podcast out.  The link to the podcast is HERE.

Thank you Matthew and Sarah for being courageous enough to put this podcast together.  Both of you together as a team are helping “normalize” home birth and everything surrounding pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and life with baby that is so often passed over for fear of offending or bringing up issues too controversial.  You will be part of the positive shift in the home birthing/parenting community.



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