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Empowering those with Placenta Previa

It is safe to say that life has been full of twists and turns lately.  I keep trying to remind myself that I am running an ultra marathon in a sense.  Sometimes there are highs in a long run and then other times you don’t know how you will find the strength to continue.  However, if you find the strength to continue you eventually reach the “finish” line.  

This pregnancy has been a great learning tool for me.  It is has expanded my humility ten fold as well as shown me the amazing power a mother’s love can be.  I look back before babies and I don’t think I would have endured  1/3 that I have; enter my blonde babies and this newest love….I turn over in a hospital bed like a champ taking a shot in the bum and in the same breath let everyone look at my undercarriage, (the lady bits) without even batting an eye.

So, back on track.  I have placenta previa.  Many woman have previa early on in their pregnancy, however, it typically resolves itself.  Mine, however, has proven to be as stubborn as me…it has moved enough to fake us out, but not enough for me to have the vaginal birth I envisioned for all of my babes.

Placenta previa doesn’t have to be a scary thing.  I know that people like Tori Spelling give it such a scary image with her “near death” experience with baby Finn.  However, if you know the signs and symptoms to look for that would put you at risk for hemorrhage, you can live a pretty “normal” life with it as long as you learn to take it easy.

Taking it easy was the hard lesson I learned last night.

This was my arm gear for the evening.

I was feeling “off” yesterday.  My uterus was heavy, boggy…and I felt a period leak happen.  I knew that I wasn’t having a normal pregnancy moment and went to the bathroom to confirm that I had started bleeding.

I didn’t handle the initial shock of the moment with a ton of grace.  I started shaking and went into shock.  Ryan, thankfully, got me to take a breath and we contacted the on-call labor & delivery doctor who told us to get right down to the hospital.

After meeting an incredible nurse, going through a ton of questions, giving 8 viles of blood, (because, I needed to lose more 😉 )..I learned that I was at risk for an early delivery.

The nurse gave me a steroid shot in the bum to help progress the maturity of babies lungs.  I am not going to lie.  It was SUPER uncomfortable.  The needle part was doable, but the charlie horse that ensued was like a gift that kept on giving.  Ryan was awesome and kept telling me I was one tough chica….everyone needs a support like him in their life!

After being monitored and baby moving like a ninja all night long, (we were lightening the mood by joking about how “roid-ed” our baby must be..we have dark humor at times).  

A very sleepless night, but proven successful in stabilizing both mom and baby…we were discharged by 10 am and I am on watch from here on out.  

Silver lining:

  • I got to hear 3 babies be born! When you are raging with pregnancy hormones it is hard not to get choked up every time you hear a momma roar through pushing and shortly after a baby crying…it was chill inducing.
  • Baby is doing well.  He/she is proving to be one tough cookie…keep it up my love!
  • I am tougher than I think.  I constantly under-estimate my own ability to handle tough situations..but, I think I am doing a good job taking everything as it comes.
  • I have only 3 weeks to go before baby is in a better place to be born.  Ideally, though, we want baby to hang out in my belly until 39 weeks…I have a lot of meditating to do.

What are we doing to remain safe and calm?

  •   I was encouraged to call the sheriff and let them know my situation.  If we have another bleed, I call them and they get to escort us in.  
  • I am not afraid to call my doctor’s nurse and ask any question or bring up any concern I might have.  If you keep them updated, they are better able to help you.  You don’t have to tell your doctor about every sneeze…but, if you are going through previa, pre-term bleeding…you tell them when you feel a problem could arise.
  • I am honoring/focusing on the positive.  Thankfully, I have Bodhi, Trout, and Ryan to help me do that.

To all of you that are going through previa…you are not alone.  I feel your pain. I believe that our bodies are still healthy, they have done nothing wrong, baby has done nothing wrong…it is just one of the many reasons we can count our blessings we were born in an era of modern medicine and cesareans, (because they really can be life saving!)

Much love and support from me to you.

Healthy/healing thoughts from here on out until I get to hold this sweet love in my arms <3




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