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Time of Transition

This last year and new year has been extremely transformative for me.

I am in the process of transitioning from a mother of two to three, continuing my journey with 200 hour yoga teacher training, I’m now teaching yoga! and I am also hoping to shift from blogging to podcasting.

I have loved every bit of blogging.  I love connecting, sharing, and reaching those who I would never otherwise reach without my blog.  However, I am finding that the blogging journey has reached its final stages.  I have been asking myself why I share and what kind of impression I want to leave on those willing to follow along. 

I find that I enjoy the dialogue that happens with blogging and I am passionate about creating conversation that will inspire others to discover their own truths along their individualized journeys.   Podcasting is enticing, because I feel like it brings that sense of joy you get while sharing a long run with a friend and lots of conversation.  

Blogging has been beautiful, and I hope to still check in once in a while, but I am not sure I am wanting to share my personal life in such depth, I would rather talk with others who are wanting to share their own experiences for you to learn from!

I hope I continue to have all of your support as I make these major changes.  I am always extremely humbled by all the love and support I get from you all. 

A quick pregnancy update!

26 weeks!

Physically:  I am low on iron as well as magnesium, so I have been feeling slightly “off” for a bit; but, I have been supplementing with both and feeling much better!

Running: I am still running! I take every day I am able to run and feel good as a gift.  I run on average 4-6 miles a day during the week and I have run 11 miles on the weekend as a long run.  My mileage is dependent on how I am feeling and if I have no pain during.  I did break out the belly band this week, but with the baby being all encompassing in my belly…the band doesn’t necessarily feel good if babe’s head is downward in my pelvis.

Yoga:  I am teaching prenatal yoga classes as well as upping my own practice and loving how my body has been responding!  I am a huge believer in the power of yoga.  Practicing the physical act of yoga is incredibly beneficial, but, since teacher training I have found the power of the yoga philosophy.  I am feeling more centered and connected with this baby because of my journey through my 200 hour yoga teacher training.  

Yoga embraces the idea of living in the here and now and there is no better time to work on that then when you are growing a human being 😉

Relationship:  Ryan is a great support and spouse.  I realize I have my rose-colored glasses on through the power of progesterone, (progesterone is your major pregnancy hormone…it makes the world seem happy, lovely, amazing, well “rose-colored”).

I know I mentioned that I have placenta previa in my last post.  If you haven’t heard about it click HERE to read.

Ryan and my “physical relationship” is on a stand-still until things improve.  I realize that this is great to some pregnant woman, but quite the contrary for me.  However, Ryan and I go well beyond the early honeymoon phase of a marriage.  We have been a couple through 2 children already, which, puts its own strains on the bonding part of a marriage that this placenta previa has.  

I find that I am appreciating Ryan more now and I am trying my best to be as creative as possible to show him that he is loved, desired, and cherished in my eyes.  Going through placenta previa, in a way, has been a blessing for us.  Challenging your relationship helps you realize just how rooted you are in one another.  

Baby:  baby is 2 lbs and about the size of a pineapple, (including the top).  He/she is moving tons, especially at night.  Baby is starting to have hiccups pretty consistently.  The boys, Ryan included, love watching my belly bounce during one of their episodes.

Cravings, aversions, weird behaviors: None so far.  However, I am not loving how I feel after I eat chocolate! I feel like between running, being busy with two boys already, and oh yeah growing another love bug has left my body in a delicate state.  I notice when I eat high caffeine or sugar foods, I end up feeling drunk.  

For now, chocolate will not be a food I enjoy as well as anything with tons of sugar.  Baby and body are craving high fat foods and protein and I am going to give them just that.  

I have been enjoying my Morning Yum Bread for breakfast with plenty of butter! I am happy that I can enjoy that.

That about covers it.  

Hope you all have a great week.






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