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A Year in Review

2016, in a few short hours will officially be over.  It is crazy how the older you get, (and adding children to the mix) makes time go exponentially faster.

There are so many great running memories, accomplishments, as well as personal and family-related events to be thankful for. 

I ran Boston for the first time as well as PR’d in the marathon!

I ran my first ultra race and won it to boot!

Broke 18 minutes in my 5K

Even with all the tough races and less than desirable outcomes, (meaning my half marathons) I am so grateful to have a body that allows me to come as close as humanly possible to feeling the freedom of flight.  My mind and body are always happiest when my legs are covering miles of un-charted territory.

However, some of the most amazing moments of this year have been family related.  I have watched my boys transform into some pretty incredible mini men.  

Ryan continues to love, support, and encourage me through all the twists and turns of my life’s journey.  I truly found a keeper in Ryan.

Probably the most exciting and transformative moment was finding out we are expecting our 3rd baby!

Motherhood is my calling, my dharma (for all you yogis).  I find I am most comfortable, at peace with the universe when I am carrying a babe in my womb.  My boys challenge me and make me a better person and this baby is no different.

I am also excited to be able to continue my yoga teacher training journey.  This next year means wrapping up my 200 hr teacher training and adding a life-long goal to my resume.  I plan on starting prenatal yoga classes shortly after the new year and from there…I hope the skies the limit!

I am so thankful, grateful, happy that the universe has given me so much to honor this past year.  There is a certain vulnerability to a person’s life that becomes increasingly more apparent as we age, but, I have  lived a great life with so many wonderful things that have happened that I truly do feel content.

2017, I believe, is going to be a year of transformation for me.  I will elaborate more in future posts.  For now, I will leave this nugget:

I am finding out about myself that the journey is what matters most.  The outcome is not the goal, but enjoying the ride is my aspiration.

 I am finding value and beauty in a woman’s ability to not look like she has it all, but knowing how to strike a balance between everything in her life. 

2017 will be a transformative year hopefully with more work in finding balance/harmony in my life.  I wish the same for those who see the same for themselves in this up and coming year.  

Happy New Years All!  Goodbye 2016, it has been a great time and hello 2017! here’s sending it out to the universe that this year will be a great year.





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