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Happy Birthday to This Guy!

Yesterday, my sweet boy Trout, turned 3.  I know it is cliche, but time flies when you have kids.  

Trout has been full of sweetness, sass, and everything in between since the moment he made his entrance into this world.  Speaking of his birth day; if you are a birth story nut like me, Trout’s birth story is worth reading! How my love-affair started with Trout as well as his home birth story can be read HERE and HERE.

Trout’s birthday was quite the event.  Ryan and I spent the Christmas holiday with family in Bozeman.  When we returned home the night before Trout’s big day, we were greeted by a TON of snow.

Thankfully, we have amazing friends who plowed us a track into our house, but Ryan was still up until 2 AM moving snow around!

Trout was born in the middle of a white-out snow storm, so I suppose it only fitting that he celebrate the big 3 with a bunch of snow 😉

The boys, dogs, and I went snow-shoeing, cross country skiing, and sledding in waist-deep snow; we had a blast, (who needs running when you can get a huge work-out snow shoeing in deep snow!)

I made Trout a turkey dinner and we waited for dad to arrive late last night to open gifts and go to bed early.

Santa brought Ryan and Bodhi Beardo hats! a picture worth sharing 😉

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and hoping you have a safe, fun-filled new year celebration.  We will, most likely, be going to bed early while the boys watch Rescue Bots with heir exhausted parents sleeping next to them 😉





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