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Blizzards Don’t Stop Us

Running has been at a stand still for the last week or so.  Our move has left my treadmill stuck out in our garage and with snow drifts over our heads…running outside is not possible, (or enjoyable).

Snow drifts are mini mountains to this guy!

But, Blizzards don’t stop this family!  Even with -20 and colder wind shields we are out and about exploring our new territory; we just have to be outside.

Bodhi received snow shoes from Santa last year and they are perfect for this kind of weather.  Our new routine includes lots of homeschooling, playing legos, and then when the ants in our pants get to much for us….we head outside and explore, of course bundled up to the point where falling over isn’t an option for fear of not being able to get back up 😉

Trout has a pair of skis from his brother, but the snow has been too deep for him to get around effectively so the little mountain man has been either riding in the sled (and loving it) or trudging in the snow (equally loving that as well).

10 acres of exploration and playing man on the mountain near our driveway for an hour or so…these two boys are beat and I end up shoveling which wipes me out; it’s a good day when you head back inside tired from the cold, fresh air and ready for a snuggle with blankets and a good book.  

Bodhi and I are reading “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.  I love that he gets into chapter books and Roald Dahl is one of my favorite children’s book authors.

As far as we are concerned at this household…snow can stay as long as it wants! provided I have enough food in the fridge without having to travel 😉

Happy Blizzard all!

Bump is growing! Baby is happy, healthy and content while I do standing core work to keep me from hopefully not getting diastasis recti too bad this go around.




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