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Holiday Photos!!!!!!

A quick sneak peak of some great holiday photos done by none other than the greatest photographer in ND….Erica McCauley!


Between the back-drop, which was incredible! and my sweet little models…I was more than happy with how all of them turned out, (I am only going to give a few away….I am planning on sending out Christmas cards and don’t want to ruin surprises for my family, who read this blog).


I had to do a sneaky baby announcement photo amongst the other holiday photos 😉

I love sending out Holiday cards because I love getting them from those I hold near and dear.  I also love taking the time to write a letter that goes along with the card to let everyone in our lives near and far know what is going on in our family.

I have also been Christmas shopping. I really don’t get too into the whole shopping/holiday experience, but playing Santa is one of the best grown-up perks.  I love seeing the joy and wonderment on my boys faces on Christmas morning.  I also love getting my niece and nephews gifts that remind them that their aunt Nelly loves them every time they read a gifted book or wear something I made.

If you are looking to make holiday cards too…I would check-out Shutterfly.  They are holding some pretty great deals, (or maybe they were charging too much to begin with and now they seem like great deals, ha!).  Either way, it’s always better to get the better deal then to pay full price for something you hope doesn’t get thrown away as soon as it’s opened.

I will be posting my favorite holiday gift, gift-giving guide soon too…an obligatory post for us bloggers…but, also entertaining to read.







  • Jamie says:

    Theses turned out great! I thought the same about prices on Christmas cards but I love getting them so should send them out too.😊

    • Danielle says:

      Your boys are equally great with their blonde hair and photographable personalities….Erica is extremely talented at capturing that.

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