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We are officially Moved In!!!!!!!

Wow.  That is really the only way I can sum up everything that has happened lately.  

Life has been a whirl wind; packing, moving, unpacking, holiday festivities, baby showers, a snow storm! I think I’ll let some pictures I managed to take while all this was going on speak rather than try to keep up with everything you have missed while I have been away trying to get life back to a new “normal”.


First of all, these two little boys have been real gems! You would think and expect them to have had complete meltdowns between packing, moving, and unpacking….but they have handled everything like champs!

Ryan and I don’t want to jinx anything, but we are beyond thankful that they are handling the move as well as they are.  We asked them last night if they liked our new home; they answered with a resounding “YES!” 😉




We started moving the day before Thanksgiving and ended  the day after, (well the weekend after…but, we were mostly moved after 3 days!).

My mom-in-law came; she was a HUGE help! She and I insisted that we have a Thanksgiving meal in our new house.  

A few days before chaos ensued I was in our kitchen at the old house making pies, sides, and grocery shopping like a mad woman.  Somehow Between my prep work and roasting a turkey the day of….we had an incredible Thanksgiving and broke in our new home with the smell of my favorite holiday of the year!


I wasn’t allowed to do too much heavy lifting, at least while everyone was looking 😉  I had my eye on a hutch from Target and decided to buy it as a way to reign in moving into our new home. I built it solo, (except for the backing…Ryan insisted on using his power tool…even though the directions specifically said not too 😉 ).  It is a great addition to a home that is already proving to be great for our family.


Sarah and I were able to sneak in a long run this last Saturday.  I missed running with her and 10 miles was not nearly long enough to get in all the talk we have missed out on while life has been crazier than normal.


I prayed for snow and it came!


Maybe I should have waited to ask for snow until after we closed on our house and were able to purchase a riding snow blower…Proving yet again that no gym membership is required in my world….shoveling even 1/10th of our driveway takes over an hour!


In case there was any doubt that we got snow 😉


Oh yea….I might have co-hosed a blessing way for a friend too 😉  She is more than a friend, Carolyn and Shannon, who helped make it all happen, have become family to me…I am forever grateful to have these women in my life!


and….I also got to help my running buddy now belly buddy, Brittney, celebrate her soon-to-be baby.  Can you tell which one is almost due?! I am always amazed how fast my body has popped with this babe compared to my other pregnancies.  

There you have it! hopefully I will be back on a better schedule and I won’t have to inundate you all with longer posts like this!  

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hoping for an equally beautiful Christmas, (or I should say Holiday) season!!!!!!!!



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