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10 Reasons to Love Treadmill Running Pregnant

Hey, remember me? Sorry if you all think I have forgotten about my blogging life.  I really have been the epitome of busy with trying to pack and move; why does moving have to be so tough!

While life has been busy, I have made it my personal mission to continue running as long as my baby and body will allow.  However, I have had to trade the majority of my runs outdoors for a run on the treadmill. While logging miles on the “mill” I have had plenty of time to contemplate the benefits/reasons I have learned to love running on the treadmill while pregnant. 

Here are my top 10 reasons to love treadmill running pregnant

1. A bathroom is always close by.  For all who are currently pregnant or have been pregnant …you know what it is like to run while also having a babe on top of your bladder, literally.  For all of you that have not been able to enjoy the experience; drink 10 glasses of water and then proceed to go for a run without letting yourself stop to potty…it is literally impossible!


2. Being a mom of 2 boys, (who are constantly growing) and pushing them in a stroller can be a 130# pain.  Running on the treadmill gives my body a break, (which seems crazy, but it’s true).


3. I can get a run in without waking my sleeping children.  Time is a valuable thing in my world; I don’t have the ability to ask someone to watch my littles and sometimes you just want to fit in a run before the day with them begins…it’s a win, win!

4. I can run while my boys are having downtime or napping! Two birds, one stone!


5.  2nd Trimester means more thirst and more huger.  Treadmill running allows me to always have water and food near by.


6. Thanks to iFit, I have the option of running anywhere in the world never having to leave my basement.  This morning I ran on a trail through Vancouver 😉


7.  I can sport the belly in what ever fashion I feel comfortable, (which usually means shorts and a sports bra, I get hot quick!).  It’s getting much colder in ND, which means lots of layers and planning ahead of time if you do chose to run outdoors.  All I have to worry about while running on my treadmill is do I have a sports bra that fits me currently? and do I have shorts that are clean? no layers required!


8.  How I feel running pregnant changes daily. Some days I can really work hard at running faster and then there are days where the only option tolerated by my body is a hike at an incline until my boys wake up and want me to start the day.  The treadmill allows me to adjust my training even if I am 10 minutes into a run.  Running pregnant is about being flexible, treadmill running gives me a lot more freedom to be a lot more flexible.


running the other day wasn’t an option, but hiking at an incline felt great!

9.  I can catch up on my favorite netflix shows.  I don’t sit and watch anything much, but watching “Fixer Upper” or “Blacklist” on my iPad while I’m getting 6 miles in for the day or going for a 14 mile run on the weekend is a guilty pleasure of mine 😉



Probably a random and not worth sharing fact…but, I LOVE Chip and Joanna Gaines.  Ryan and I watch these two together once in a while and we are always saying that they would be the best couple to hang out with. Chip is super funny and Joanna is laid back through all of his crazy antics.  They are fun to watch because they’re renovations are incredible and they just appear to be really nice people…I might be a slight fan 😉

10. The number one reason why you should love treadmill running while pregnant is this: Every day spent running is a good day!


I have beat myself up in the past for running on the treadmill, after all…it’s not real running! WRONG! No matter the means or way you get a run done, is an incredible feat.  I don’t ever want to be that runner who cannot appreciate her limitations and not give myself the humility and grace I need to be successful in that moment.

I love to run.  I love to run wether it is outside, inside, in the pool, or watching youtube videos on improving running mechanics…I am just a super geek about running.  I am thankful and happy every opportunity I get to squeeze one in.  I am so thankful I have a treadmill to make running in my life possible and that is why running on a treadmill pregnant is something I TRULY DO LOVE!



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