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Running pregnant-Learning your limitations

Today was a great aha moment…apparently I thought I was just severely nauseated and growing a bigger belly for the fun of it.  Today, however, I really got that I was a pregnant runner.

Okay, so maybe I’ve been very aware that I’m pregnant.  But, after today’s run, I am learning my limitations as far as what I can and cannot do in this stage of my pregnancy. 

Why was today’s run so significant?  It really wouldn’t be to anyone who wasn’t pregnant.  But, I was getting tired of putting in my running log another run on the treadmill and with the sun shining…I loaded up my 135# stroller (Bodhi and Trout are getting heavy together..add the weight of the stroller, what was I thinking!)


Sun was shining, dogs were off there leashes, (and loving life), but the wind was blowing in my face, and I was not enjoying myself one bit.

I had my watch running the entire time, but I didn’t look at it other than to pause while the boys yelled something to me.

I felt tired, forced, and I immediately thought, “why am I doing this? I love to run and this is not love, I am more concerned about baby then I am about running outside to prove a point, just stop!”


I did end up finishing my 6 mile prescribed run.  However, it took me a little under an hour to complete, I was not in a hurry to prove anything, my goal at that point was to soak up the sunshine….enjoy how happy my two furry loves were to be out and about.


See the joy in Rouix’s face?! it’s infectious!

It is quickly dawning on me thatI really just want to run for the love of it, after all, I am not training for anything anytime soon. I am still running, (which is a daily blessing) but, I am not really in it to win it…I just want to relax and enjoy the journey, (did I mention it goes by way to fast!?)

I am trading in speed work for hiking, (via treadmill)


Most importantly, I am learning my limitations and taking everything one day at a time.

As long as baby is healthy and happy, I will continue to run.  However, my running is just going to look a bit different then it did and that is more than okay.

I do want to point out that the boys and I had a playdate with their friends and mommas.  I was chatting with the girls and they asked if I was running still and how far.  I got lots of wow’s and, “I don’t even drive that much in a week” comments.  I feel completely honored to be where I am at and able to continue at the pace I can.  If I hadn’t been in the middle of a peak training week when I found out I was pregnant…running probably would have looked a lot different for me right now; my body was already conditioned for more miles.



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