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Running Pregnant

Okay, so I said I wouldn’t do it…but I’m doing it! I’m pregnant, I can change my mind on a moments notice; right?!

Yesterday and most days were a really good reminder that my body overrules the mind at this point in my running “career”.

I’ve mentioned before and I’ll mention for the purpose of making a point on this post; I am still being coached.  I think the term being coached is very lose and up to interpretation term at this point.  However, it is still nice to check in with someone from time-to-time.

I was prescribed 10 miles with a fartlek run thrown in there.  I have executed this style of run while pregnant without a hitch.  Yesterday, had other plans for me.


Like my sister-in-law so kindly pointed out to me…some would be stoked to run this on any given day.  My normal is not your normal and vice-versa.  I show the results from my run to prove my point of running being so different while pregnant versus not-pregnant.

I didn’t run my 10 miles.  I most certainly didn’t run any of my fartlek paces.  However, I did end up hiking at a 15% incline for a while.  I did finish off “jogging” and I got whatever I could done while respecting my body and babe.  Babe first!


Running pregnant looks different for every body.  Running pregnant actually, looks different for my body depending on the day; wether I got enough sleep, ate enough, drank enough water, if the baby is sitting on my bladder or not, stress (which is a huge factor), or just how much energy I have in my bank after hanging with my earth bound babies and doing every day life, (oh yea, and don’t forget…..YOU’RE GROWING A BABY!).

Running pregnant is  great preparation for motherhood.  The baby has to come first, especially when they are so vulnerable and dependent on you in the beginning.  Running will eventually return to a new “normal” but for a long while….the little bean will dictate when you run, how long you get to run, or if a run will even happen at all, (unless you have an awesome support system…but, lets go off the instance that family isn’t living with you round the clock).

I have learned from my boys on countless occasions that there are no guarantees in my running.   

I have had to spend many mornings kicking myself for not getting a run in, especially after visiting Instagram and seeing you all crush your morning run.  However, it doesn’t take me long to snap back to reality and realize my situation is different than others.  I usually get a run in, but it might happen at 10:00 or 3:00.

Running pregnant really boils down for me as a great teaching tool/reminder that you are not above your bodies demands at this point in your life.

I love my baby and body enough to know when I have had a enough.  I have grown more confident in my ability to see the bigger picture and realize that every run counts as well as every missed run.  When I miss a run or cannot do something as well as I “used” to it doesn’t ruin my day; I actually feel more confident in my abilities to help this new little person be a happy, healthy, thriving human being in our world.

I hope this helps give you confidence to embrace your body during pregnancy.  I believe that even if you didn’t run or don’t chose to run during pregnancy the concept behind being a mother runner can still apply.  I feel pregnancy is a really beautiful moment in a woman’s life that should be cherished and honored.  Part of cherishing and honoring that gift is taking care of your body and knowing what it is capable of giving or not capable of depending on the moment.

Happy pregnant running if you are or happy pregnant swimming, biking, hiking, baking, reading, whatever makes you smile a little extra 😉



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