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15 Weeks…or am I 16 weeks? plight of the 3rd ;)

I am in shock and awe that October is almost over and I’m also now visibly sporting my 3rd child 😉


Sarah, my most favorite running bud in the world 🙂 🙂 🙂 and I FINALLY were out running together again.  10 miles in the dark with this lady and the light showed up just in time to get us in our usual cheesy fashion 😉

So pregnancy and running….there are so many out there that do it…I feel like I would be trying to re-create the wheel by sharing.  

But, I can tell you that this pregnancy is by-far the craziest, most-different pregnancy between the three littles.



okay, so this one really doesn’t do it justice! I am constantly getting from my friends and family that my belly looks like theirs after a big meal…..I think you just need to come see it after I have eaten any sort of meal, (this was taken first thing in the morning).

First of all…I don’t normally have my belly-button pop by 15 or 16 weeks, (It’s hard to keep track!).  The belly always looks so much smaller in the morning or when I am trying to take a photo of it.  However, catch me out in public and you’ll swear I’m going to give birth in 2 months rather than 4.5 or so.


Cravings?  None.  However, I do really love anything fruit.  I am hard up for cotton candy grapes and unfortunately they are no longer in season or at the grocery store; it’s a sad day for me over here in ND.

Body? Maybe my belly isn’t as big as it could be…but, my chest sure has grown over night.  I have always been bigger chested than the average 5’3″ runner with my frame, actually I’ve been asked in the past if I have had “work” done…never ceases to blow my mind what people are comfortable asking!

I am having to get used to a bigger bust while running again and I will admit, it is a bit tough; they’re bigger, tender, and because I still nurse Trout, (at night and really only for 5 minutes) I think my milk came in early which happened with my Trout pregnancy.

Emotions?   Pregnancy only makes me a personification of my un-pregnant self.  What do I mean by that? When I am happy, I’m a bit more happy.  When I’m sad, I’m a bit more say.  When I am frustrated, I just need a few extra minutes to take a breath and get back to a calmer state….nothing crazy.

Boy or Girl? We are choosing to wait to find out.  I didn’t find out wether Bodhi was a boy or a girl and by birth-day I knew he was a boy.  We found out what we were having with Trout…Bodhi was convinced he was having a sister and I didn’t want him to be disappointed when a sister never came.

This nugget…I just really only want them to be healthy and happy.  Wether they’re a boy or a girl is not something that keeps me up at night.  I will be super happy either way!  I’m used to having boys and assume I’m a mom of boys..but, the universe could go the other way this time….I guess we will have to wait and see! 😉

Married life? I included this tidbit, because I think between moving, kids, work, and life….it becomes a bit elusive how a marriage can even work through all of this.  Ryan and I knew from the get go that we needed to do things at our own pace.  We dated a long time before we got engaged, we were married a while before we had kids, we have never really rushed into anything. 

I think because we followed our hearts and our heads and decided to do what felt right for us…we get through the tough stuff as a team.  We have our moments like the rest.  But, I look to Ryan for support and he does the same.  I think he sees me pregnant with another one of his littles as just another sign that we really do love each other and are in it for the long haul. 

That’s about it.  Posting will probably be a bit more spaced out for now until we get moved in and settled in a new home.  I appreciate all of your kinds words, excitement, and support….it truly takes  a village and I am pretty pleased about the village I’ve created for myself; you all are the best!






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