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Running by feel, post-run fueling & food cravings

Pregnancy has been a huge gift for my running life.  

Pregnancy has given me the time off I needed to remember that I really do just love to run wether there is a goal or not.  In fact, running without a goal in mind is rather freeing and I like the idea of feeling out the day and seeing what your body is willing to give rather than telling it, “it must go on!”

Today is the day after my 14 miler run.  I still am being coached, albeit I was apprehensive…I felt like I would be wasting his time…he assured me that was not the case!  Mat and I both agreed to stick with a semi-serious plan; he has been coaching me for over a year now and I think we are getting a hang of one another…it’s nice to continue the relationship. 

Back to my point.  I am still doing my long runs, though, 14 miles is plenty being pregnant and I don’t think there is any urgency to go beyond many more miles than that.  I am sticking with maintaining fitness not gaining any.  

The day after long runs is typically for recovery.  However, I have been running specifically on my treadmill.  I have been bored of having a pace steadily chugging away for me…today I actually got to run outside!  Today I got to run for myself!  I took advantage and let my body dictate the pace and distance rather than my schedule, (sorry Mat!)


44 minutes later, running at a pace that felt 65% effort, and feeling like I couldn’t possibly have run more than 4 miles at an 8:00/mile pace…my watch beeped…6 miles done! I somehow made my run go 2 miles faster than I thought…I was happy, running for the sheer joy of it, and babe and I were feeling like today was a good day to dust some cobwebs out of the spokes, sort-to-speak.


I don’t normally post my pace, after all, time is relative…I determine a run’s success on how happy it leaves me or accomplished I feel afterwards rather than some silly number on my watch.  But, today, I needed to see that even though I am in my second trimester…I can still whip out some pretty speedy paces, feeling calm, comfortable, and most importantly HAPPY.  I wish these kind of runs for every runner out there….it really is the fuel that feeds the running fire!

Post run fueling takes a whole new level when you are growing a human being as well, (although I have been pretty aware of my fueling prior…nursing is just as if not more demanding when combined with an already demanding running schedule).


meat and fermented taste/flavors have been my favorite for the last 3 months

Protein and probiotics have been my life force lately! I haven’t had any real cravings..but, I have had quite a few food aversions.  

In the beginning anything sweet made me SICK.  I couldn’t stomach the idea of a raw, green salad.  The only thing that sounded good was eggs, turkey sausage, jerky, and fruit.

Second trimester has been kinder to my stomach.  However, I still think it is important to fuel with nourishing foods rather than whatever I can get my hands on…I don’t treat pregnancy like I’m eating for two…it’s more like I’m eating for 1 and a very teeny tiny 2nd human who needs their momma to be on top of her A-game about giving them good food for building a healthy foundation, (I do have my occasional treat though…we can’t be perfect…nor would I want that kind of pressure!)

Pregnancy is hard enough with all the information you can get flooded with about what is good, bad, dangerous, safe….I try to simplify my life and eat as natural as possible, move my body when it feels good, and rest when needed….it’s kind of like living life as a toddler again 😉

Yoga has still been going strong as well!


I finished my yoga challenge with a shoulder stand.  I am glad that I still have the ability to balance myself.  However, I am sure that as my belly grows…gravity and I might have a harder time seeing eye-to-eye 😉


My yoga teacher training group and I started our own challenge.  Again, grasshopper pose, (pictured above) might be fine and dandy while my belly is relatively small….but, yoga is going to take on a whole new look and feel as the babe and belly grow…it’s all about adjusting!

Hope you all had a great weekend.  I had a ton of team mates kill their races this weekend! some beating their PR’s by 8 minutes!!!!!  Congratulations to all of you.  It is almost just as rewarding getting to be part of their success journeys as it is your own…you know how hard they work and how much heart and grit it takes to pull PR’s off.




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