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Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

How we found out

How this little nugget came to be is actually a really entertaining story!

This spring was turning out to be my best running season yet.  I had PR’d at Boston, (even though I didn’t run the smartest race), I ran my first ultra, won over all, and PR’d by a lot in my 5K…all distances were looking great.

My coach Mat and I were anticipating my fall marathon to be pretty amazing and hoping for it to be my “coming out” race sort-of-speak.  I was seeing all my hard work pay-off

However, with lots of training comes lots of stress and potential hazards on the body. I was fighting hormone imbalances, iron deficiency to the point of feeling like I was suffering from vertigo, and just teetering on doing too much.  

Thankfully, I was smart and talked to experts ASAP, made huge changes in my life, nutrition, training, basically everything was getting an overhaul.  

Late July, early August I saw my highest mileage yet, (90 some miles), I was out pushing 135 lbs of stroller + kids while running 3 double run days a week.  I was feeling great that my symptoms had subsided…until I had my first bad workout run.

I was supposed to run 3 x 2 miles at my goal half marathon pace.  The workout was supposed to feel hard, but was also supposed to be doable.  It was super windy that day, I started my run at 3 pm, (which is tough after most of the day with the boys)…I was dry-heaving, feeling defeated, and struggling to make it through each 2 mile repeat.  I was stubborn and stuck it out and was feeling pretty deflated about the whole event.

The day after the workout my coach and I just happened to be talking.  Again, him and I were both really excited, (me a lot nervous) about my up and coming performance in October at the Mohawk Hudson Marathon in Albany.  Some how Mat brought up JOKINGLY that I better not tell him I’m pregnant.

I laughed at his hypothetical worries, I told him there was nothing to worry about…I had 2 blond birth controls called Bodhi and Trout, (there was no possible way in my mind with running as much as I was, pushing the boys around, and still nursing Trout while also working on balancing my hormones did I think pregnancy was a possibility).

However, I finished up our talk and thought about how tired and sick I felt these past few days and it would be worth a shot to at least take a test…I was sure it would say no and that I had to work on my iron levels harder.

You all know how to take a pregnancy test so I will skip the details…but not even a second later… a double line showed up, “holy smokes! I’m pregnant!” test #2….yup still pregnant.

I felt super excited, surprised, already super in love, and had to immediately call Ryan.  I will say, this is the first time in our relationship where my news of being pregnant was TRULY a surprise.  I think I had him so stunned he actually had to sit down after the news; poor guy in the middle of work and his wife drops a bomb on him, (we both were happy about having another…but, it still was a take his breath away kind of moment).

So of course I had to mention to Mat sooner than later, (he’s my coach after all), my mom and family were obviously in the know…but, now I was sitting on news that I wasn’t at the point of sharing while a half marathon was coming up, I would have to reconsider my marathon debut, and I was Run Nelly Run and running was farthest from my mind.

I did end up running my half


It took everything in my power to run that race without getting sick and while the baby was fine..I left racing feeling pretty lousy about my abilities to run a race well.  However, it was nice to be able to talk with the other women running and let them know I was pregnant.  I was giving big kudos and I really needed that, especially when I knew my half time the previous year was 6 minutes faster.

Running was difficult for the first trimester, but thankfully, I am seeing my energy return as well as nausea subsiding.  I have had so many, “i’m going to vomit” moments these past 14 weeks that I am surprised I was able to keep it down when it counted, (like the endless times it happened at the grocery store farthest away from an exit or bathroom).


first baby bump sighting….my team mate who knew early on said she spotted it…I had to laugh, I thought I was doing well with where I was placing myself by the machine 😉

I’m hoping to continue to run, but never at the expense of the baby or my health…only as long as both are feeling good.  

Not a fairy-tale story, but definitely worth sharing with this nugget when they get older…we thought the odds were stacked against the idea of them ever being conceived and he/she knew better 😉  



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