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Embracing Change

This last weekend was my 2nd 3-day yoga teacher training weekend.

Long story short, I learned a lot, had a lot of aha moments, and am even more excited to continue down this journey towards becoming a yoga teacher.

This week we were focusing on the 2nd Chakra of the body.  The second chakra is represented by the color orange and represents the object of our desires; our wants, needs, passions….there was nothing dull about what we had to learn!

Something that really struck a chord with me this last weekend was the idea of embracing change.  I really liked the idea of approaching life with a more fluid like perspective and seeing things as being what they are in the present moment; but, also understanding that at any moment life could be altered.  How we view change is more important than the impact of the change itself.

I was really empowered by this idea considering that my life has been filled with a TON of change for quite some time now!  After all, would I really be happy with everything being predictable? the same-“ol”-same-old?  I don’t know any moment where I haven’t grown more as a person that didn’t involve a lot of change and usually within a short period of time.  Whether I have liked it or not, change has been a teaching part of my life and I don’t think I would be the same person without learning to embrace that.

Another beautiful/teaching moment was the fact that after those three days spent with a lot of great discussion with equally great people, I have learned even more about myself; what my wants are for the present and future me.  My classmates and I are on this journey together trying to figure out our paths in life, (our Dharmas) and I am seeing my Dharma more clearly with each passing day…it is a great feeling and also a freeing feeling to pour my energy and love into what I am designed to do in life rather than trying to fit into an impossible mold that never really fit me to begin with.

So what does the future for Run Nelly Run look like? I’m not going to give it all away! 😉 I am really excited to grow my practice more, engage in more than just my running passions, and continue to inspire others to love and take care of their bodies so that they too can live out their Dharma…I am sure this zen-like perspective will fade-in-and-out depending on the day…but, hey! I’m a mom and wife and person living life after all! Far from perfect 😉

I have also decided to help keep myself more accountable in practicing yoga by signing up for a yoga challenge on Instagram!


Yesterday’s challenge was about focusing on opening up the shoulders. I really appreciated this challenge! I carry my boys around a lot and my right arm in particular is always super tight.  I am going to continue to work on this stretch daily and see if I can make a noticeable change in that right arm.


Today’s challenge was about the plank.  Again, another favorite pose of mine! I am a big fan of focusing on the core.  I feel like so much can be gained when our core strength is better.  I seem to sit up straighter, breath deeper, and actually run a lot faster and more efficiently when I work on my core the most.

Of course! I still run almost every day 😉


A package I have been waiting for, for a very long time finally arrived in the mail; my Oiselle Volee Team Bra.  I probably won’t be wearing it at any races anytime soon, but that’s okay! I can sweat it out in style in my basement knowing that I am part of something pretty incredible…Each and every woman  I have met that also runs for Oiselle has been nothing short of incredible….all different, talented in their own right, and super inspiring! 

Oh yea…

14657365_10207792591228864_7602422745671095803_n 14725613_10207792591668875_6514380536864391733_n

I might have been baking something for a bit now 😉

I have been trepidatious about sharing this bit of news…pregnancy is an incredibly sacred thing for me and so many times, not by anyone’s fault other than wanting to share, there are so many horror stories shared and sorrow surrounding many pregnancies that I just really have wanted to protect myself from anything but positive energy.

Our newest addition was a complete surprise and a beautiful one at that!  I am beyond thrilled to add another blondie to our life and am hoping to share with you all my journey along the way.

While I don’t know some of you personally, I feel a deep connection and really couldn’t think of a safer/better place to share this news with.  My family and I won’t be sharing it publicly on Facebook on my personal page and unless someone sees me without a sweater or jacket…the mailman probably won’t know until I’m pushing the 3rd in the stroller 😉  We ask for your positive thoughts and I want to thank you for always making me feel like this blog is a safe space to truly be myself!





  • Amy W says:

    Your IG hashtag caught me by surprise!!! Congratulations to you and your family 😁 Such a blessing. I will keep you and baby in my prayers! Way to rock your yoga practice while wrangling two busy boys and growing baby #3 at the same time. You’re an inspirational mama!

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