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Fall Favorites

While my family and I are frantically packing our home up, (half way done and half more to do!) I have had little to no time for anything….my boys can attest to that. I feel like I’ve been a real shlep of a mom/friend/wife/blogger.  I am really anxious for the home selling and finding business to come to an end so I can settle in and find a routine again.

However, in leu of stress I wanted to share some of my favorite fall things….always keeping it positive; or at least faking it until I make it!

Homeschooling my boys!


Homeschooling is a pretty organic process right now.  Having 2 little men under the age of 7 means that learning is best through play, movement, and letting them direct.  I love watching Bodhi teach Trout! The wonderful thing about Trout learning from his big brother is watching a bond that is already unshakeable become stronger and I also see how concrete something is in Bodhi’s mind!  You learn best when you teach back what you know and Trout learns best when he learns from the boy he most adores in this world!


Watching these two grow stronger as a team every day.  Don’t get me wrong, they fight. Bad.  But, they love each other and would ultimately do anything to be there for their brother.  If I am getting after Bodhi for hitting Trout, Trout will chime in on me to be nice to his big brother….see what I mean?!


Minneolas! They are a tangerine/orange/clementine hybrid….and I can’t get enough.  They are super vibrant in color, (this picture is filter-free).   I used the zest of a minneola in our pancakes the other day and our cakes ended up tasting like Christmas…it was wonderful.


Packing and taking a trip down memory lane.  Bodhi wanted to be Lightning McQueen when he was 2 1/2.  Bodhi was flying solo as far as siblings go so momma had the time, resources, and crazy pregnancy hormones, (I was pregnant with Trout at the time) to inspire me to put his costume together.  

Let me preface by saying, I am an art-geek.  I love creating homemade costumes and gear, but, BUT…..since having two littles and little to no time for that right now..I am a HUGE fan of Target costumes.  This year, Bodhi and Trout will both be Captain America.  I didn’t have to put together their costumes, (well…I did make Trout a shield 😉 ) and I get to spend more time watching them act out being superheroes than slaving over personalized costumes…that just fits us really well right now.

Oh! Bodhi now fits this costume really well! Poor guy would be bumping into doorways when we were trick-or-treating down-town 😉 he was a champ thought! He was super stoked about all the compliments he was getting on how fast he looked 🙂 🙂 🙂


Trout.  I will always have him on my list of favorites! wether fall, winter, summer, or spring!

He is now at an age where he can really be a monkey and play at our local pumpkin patch…it’s fun watching him really come into his own.


My fearless 2 3/4 year old 😉


Bodhi.  There are no favorites between these two…they both melt me! He is the inspiration to all of Trout’s adventurous undertakings.  Trout sees big-brother leap and he wants to leap higher.  

Bodhi is that kid who loves to be social, but can retreat into his own little world having a blast pretending a million and one things in his mind..he has always been that way.

He was hopping around the pumpkin patch like a spider monkey the other day…Ryan was impressed 😉


Deliciously Ella’s update to her Sweet Potato Brownies….these are tastier, (which I was doubting to be possible).


Ella’s brownies are vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar free, and delicious.  I have a food scale and follow her recipe verbatim….I find that they come out exactly the way she intended…fudgey, chocolatey, slightly sweet, hint-of-caramel from the dates, and incredibly good.  

I love that all of Ella’s sweet recipes are packed with nutrition.  While I could probably eat an entire batch…I feel completely satisfied after one, (okay…maybe two 😉 )….that is a great thing for me in my world.

There you have it! fall favorites.  

I realize that nothing running-related made the list this go around.  My life has still included running, but it has been in a different capacity.  I still run first and foremost to stay healthy and strong, but now it running is meant to be as stress-free as possible.  

I don’t have any goals in mind right now, I won’t be running any races for a while, and I am trying my best to adjust to all of this.  This last Sunday was supposed to be the day I attempt a sub-3 in a marathon.  I knew I was there…but, life had other plans for me and I am adjusting.  

I will get back to a competitive phase again with running, I’m sure.  But, for right now…Instagram and blogging will see a whole lot more of our shenanigans and a lot less about training towards a specific goal 😉






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