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Staying active in my world

I have been getting a lot of questions on how I stay fit like I do with my life as it is.  I thought I would create a post that hopefully at the end will dispel any myth that it takes a personal trainer, fancy gym membership, and tons of expensive equipment to stay active and healthy.  However, I do feel a bit like a wolf in sheep’s clothing having a really nice treadmill and elliptigo at my disposal, (but, I didn’t always have them in my life and I was in just as good of shape, if not better…go with me on this one if that works 😉 )  I truly believe that if I can do something, anyone can!

Life with two boys, homeschooling one and trying to entertain the other, makes for a busy schedule and room for not much else.  I am not going to lie, there are days when the idea of sending Bodhi off to school and having only one gremlin to deal with sounds amazing; but, I chose to homeschool Bodhi, most of the time I really do love it, and for a brief moment in my littles and my life…their schedule primarily dictates mine.

I am willling to sacrifice some things, like forgoing dressing up other than a clean running shirt over my sweaty one 😉  I wash my hair maybe once  a week, (however, that seems to be making my hair super healthy and it’s grown 10 x’s faster) Most of my conversations are with a 6 year old and 2 year old who can be incredibly mature (sometimes) but most of the time just want to see how quickly they can push their mom’s button.

However, I am not willing to sacrifice my health, otherwise, what good would I be to my little men?

Staying active is just something I make time for.  

Other than running, which can be a full time job at times, I am reasonable about my limitations and I believe that if I can’t accomplish staying fit at home I’m doing something wrong; please don’t get me wrong! I admire those who have a gym membership…I just know that life comes up with a million and one excuses for someone to not get in their car, drive, and then go to the gym…being at home simplifies things!

So…what do I do?

Tons of yoga; let me rephrase that, stretching whenever I have a moment (usually 5 minute increments at a time).


and lately, these ladies have been giving me 16 minutes of varying workouts that have challenged all aspects of my fitness, cardio, strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.  I love that they include a ton of skater movements in their workouts.  Runners do a lot of forward moving but rarely focus on lateral movement…it’s great for hip and core stability and I have seen a ton of improvement in my running form.

Something else that has given me is workouts that have helped with my DR (diastasis recti).  I got DR after having both of my sons.  My belly stretched to great proportions and my abs separated about 4 finger widths apart.  I still struggle with mine and have to really work on core stabilization exercises. I have noticed that after Trout and becoming more involved with running my DR was worse for a while and it looked like I had a little baby bump…but, Ive been working on it and it seems to be getting better.  If you want to see what Lori has done for hers click HERE.

Aside from yoga when I can fit it in, running, (which has been a little more sparse lately), and 16 minutes or less with the purely twin sisters…I have been happy with how active I’ve remained and it seems to fit in nicely with our busy schedule; It’s really about monopolizing on the moment…potty break with Trout, wall sits…nap time gives me plenty of time to fit in 16 minutes of circuit-like training…see where I’m going?

Hope this helps inspire you all.  I am no exception to the rule…just super crafty on how to get things done and not willing to make excuses for myself.  I want to set a good example for my boys, stay healthy, and feel good and that means squeezing something in every day.


Please check out  Not all of their workouts may speak to you.  However, there are a ton to chose from and they are both certified personal trainers, walk the walk, and truly live a well-balance life through healthy eating, physical activity, having some kind of spiritual practice in their daily life, and they do it all with kids, a life, and being just like everyone else.  

*this is not a plug for them either! they probably don’t know I even exist.  I just really believe in what they do and how they’ve made something accessible to moms and people like me who want to be healthy, but maybe have to approach staying fit in a less conventional way 😉




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