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The hardest thing about not marathon training is…

When you are 4 weeks, (give or take) post sans-marathon training; the hardest thing about not training anymore is eating like a person who isn’t marathon training!

I am not one of those people that believes that if you don’t run you most certainly should deprive yourself of any food other than lettuce, water, and air.   I have literally lived through starving my body and know wether you’re active or not…your body needs nourishing food, and an adequate amount at that!

However, training 75+ miles per week packs on quite an appetite.  That didn’t mean I was eating cookies, cake, and ice-cream with reckless abandonment. But, I definitely ate a ton more and my stomach, I’m sure, stretched out and got accustomed to those calories.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end for now.  I am no longer needing the caloric intake of a teenage foot ball player, sigh.  The only flip side that I can gleem from a lower food intake is our grocery bill will go down greatly, (I definitely ate everyone in my household under the rug 😉 ).  

Like I said, I am not on any restrictive diet, but I am having to quite the noise that tells me,

“right now it’s 10 am and that means you usually run 10 miles by now…you need more food!”

Breakfast is lasting me until lunch and lunch is lasting me until dinner…it is a crazy concept!

Thankfully there are culinary geniuses out there like Lori and Michelle that create recipes that have a decadent feel to them, but are super nourishing and satisfying.  

For lunch the other day I had a plantain laying around and suddenly craved Purely Twins Cookie Dough Cinnamon Rolls, (minus the cookie dough and modifications to the original).   I wanted comfort food, (which I crave while I’m training hard) and I didn’t want to eat a ton of sugar, (my body has been revolting any kind of sugar lately…hens the sans-cookie dough part).


This was born! If you are where I’m at with wanting decadence, but not with out nutrition these are perfect!  

My modifications included: 

  • They used a flour blend of brown rice flour, arrowroot powder, and coconut flour.  I had a bit of Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flour left and added to that coconut flour to help absorb extra moisture, (this recipe has quite a bit of moisture and the dough can be too sticky if you don’t add coconut flour).
  • I used applesauce not banana, (banana is too sweet for my taste buds right now and I don’t like the added banana taste..I only like banana in banana bread).
  • I omitted the vegan buttermilk all together…again, the dough was already plenty wet without it.
  • I used less coconut oil, not to forgo fat, but, again…dough would have been too wet.
  • I used cinnamon and coconut sugar for the filling rather than their cookie dough, (which is coconut butter, cashew butter, banana, and I believe that’s it).
  • After they came out of the oven I topped it off with my favorite vegan butter.

Probably not a lunch I should consume every day.  However, if you don’t satisfy your cravings within reason…they will come back to haunt you in a horrible way, (like senselessly eating your way through your kid’s Halloween bag or worse….you know it’s happen to you in some capacity!)

While I learn to re-train my body to not eat like I’m training, (ha!)…I will be keeping myself plenty occupied to make  mindlessly snacking less of an option; with how crazy our life has been lately, I don’t think that will be a problem 😉

Had to share this photo real quick!


Bodhi started swim lessons this week! He has lessons for an entire hour 4 x’s a week for 6 weeks.  If my son doesn’t know how to swim after his lessons are all said and done, at least I can say we tried 😉

Trout, 2 years shy of when they will allow kids to start lessons here, is insanely jealous of his big brother.  Bodhi had to get different goggles the other day so his old ones were automatically defaulted to little brother; Trout was not complaining 😉




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