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Home Hunting

Yes, I realize the title really should be “house hunting”.  However, houses are what you live in when you’re college trying to find a place to crash in between class and your coffee job shifts. Houses are those things that never really get your personal touch because you know that you’ll be moving on to something better in the near future. 


Home, on the other hand,  is where you go after a long day at work.  Home is where you go when everything else in the world is feeling pear-shaped.  Home is where the heart is and where you truly can relax and feel like yourself.

Considering we are giving up our “home” another home is necessity in our world.  

So far, it has been a nightmare.  I am quickly realizing that both Ryan and I may not have the best taste in interior design…but, with his back ground as a construction engineer and me growing up with a Dad who built our home and helped build my aunt and uncle’s home from scratch, simply finding a house isn’t easy.  Ryan picks up on the things that can’t be fixed. I am a sucker for  location and seeing the true potential/lack-there-of, of the land.  Between the two of us, we are a tough sell.

How has running been through all of this? Running has taken on a whole new meaning for me; I’m not just out chugging away at the miles, I’m frantically searching for for-sale signs 😉

To all of you families that move around constantly for jobs or go from one fixer-upper to another…Hats off to you!  I am not great at handling the stresses of moving.  

Meanwhile, while we are on the hunt for our home the boys, mainly Trout, have been helping keep ours nice for the next owners.


Trout INSISTS on helping me mow the lawn. I could have fought for him not to help me.  I decided to throw a helmut on him and let him hold his handle as we mowed the entire lawn together,chalk my decision up to second-child syndrome 😉  It took me twice as long, but this is the only way I prefer lawn work 😉

I might not have a gas range for a while depending on what home we land on.  I LOVE to cook and now that I’ve had a gas range for a while…it is hard to think about going back to electric.


Through all our pre-packing, I found out I have a quite the collection of Food Network magazines.  I went through them all and tore out the pages of recipes I would like to try and put them in a folder.  I decided to make their Cincinnati Chili over spaghetti squash.  There is nothing better than warm chili over spaghetti squash!  Food Network delivered on this recipe.

Sigh, gas stove, I will miss you so!

*special side note: Raw onion gives me heart burn like no other.  I learned through the Food Network recipe to soak the diced onions in cold water first.  Lots of raw onion consumed later and no heart burn! (I am not usually a huge fan of raw onion, but apparently stress makes me like strange things).

Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes about our move.  We will keep you all posted as we continue to search for our next home.






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