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Our House Sold!

You guys, what a week!

We literally had our house on the market for no more than 3 days and we had an offer…by the next day it was sold.

Long story short, I am a wreck.

We have been looking at a lot of houses and I am quickly realizing that we had a gem and I am worried we won’t find a home as wonderful as ours (of course this is our opinion) I think we were being too hasty/greedy in our decision making over this, (Ryan says I’m slightly emotional and everything will be okay).

Yes, I have still been running!


Running in the rain just does a body and mind good.  The only way I know how and have been able to cope with self-inflicted stress is heading out in the rain and soaking in the good and running out the bad.  Does anyone else love running in the rain?

On a more cheerful note: My 200 hour yoga teacher training started this weekend!


I am absolutely in love with everything about this!

My instructor is incredible, inspiring, the person you aspire to be….My class-mates are equally awesome and we all bring something so different to the table; I love variety.

This weekend was all about studying the first chakra.  Red is the root chakra’s color.  We were encouraged to wear anything red or pink to help get us inspired with this week’s lesson.  I had plenty of pink and red to wear!


I almost wore my new favorite race shirt, (thank you Bozeman Running Company).  But, I had a change of heart and decided to focus on only yoga and nothing else.  I will combine the two eventually, but I want to really focus on yoga when I’m learning how to be a teacher; nothing else.


To help inspire even more as well as share my most favorite juice; I made my “hot pink lemonade” for class today.  I love that it is fuchsia in color and super warming with the ginger and cayenne present.  I love my hot pink lemonade.


photo courtesy of Trout (age 2 😉 )

That’s that for now.  I will be doing a lot of what’s pictured above while we continue to frantically search for a home.  Being an adult is over rated at times 😉




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