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Home Schooling at a Glance


I get a lot of questions about homeschooling life so I thought I would give you all a glance of our homeschooling life.

We started 2nd grade with Bodhi around the first of the month this year.  Yes, I realize Bodhi is young for 1st grade let alone 2nd…but, we work very closely with a counselor and Bodhi has proven to be very comfortable learning at the level he is…he just really thrives with a one-one-one environment.


I know that there is great trepidation around the idea of homeschooling your child; however, no matter the reservations that we’ve personally had or the flack we get for making our kids potentially “socially awkward” the benefits have far exceeded any negative.  I love spending time with my boys and being involved with their learning.


Bodhi has really excelled so far schooling with his crazy mom! His hand writing and comprehension far exceeds Ryan and mine 😉  It’s fun to watch his younger brother learn just by watching his older brother.  I do try to make a lot of our learning into song, (Trout LOVES music).  Trout and Bodhi have a song for the days of the week, months of the year, learning their 50 states….I figure by Trout having exposure and knowing the songs now…it will be that much easier to teach him later when he is ready maturity-wise.

My teaching philosophy really boils down to this: I believe first and foremost that kids learn best through play and exploration….we  do A LOT of play and exploration most days.


Recess for us typically is a bike ride

Structure and learning to take lead from others is important in our world; Bodhi does participate in public school.

We talked with our public school system about him taking music and PE with the 1st grade class and they were more than happy and familiar with other homeschooling families doing the same thing.

Most days we walk or run him up to school…that’s the beauty of living so close to the school in our district.


The other day, this is what we had to wear traveling to school! it has been cooling off quickly!

Aside from loving homeschooling life from an academic standpoint…we have the freedom to meet up with friends on an afternoon while the rest of kids are at school.  Schooling Bodhi rarely takes longer than half a typical school day.  


Today, we got to meet up with some very special ladies in my life.  These woman have navigated every hope, dream, fear, victory, and defeat motherhood has thrown at me…they will forever be special to me for sharing those intimate moments.  The boys played with their teeny tinies while I tried to socialize; but, as you can tell by this photo…my eyes were always on the two monkeys who were hanging off the playground begging to break an arm.


Trout hugging his “womb mate” 😉  These two have been friends since their moms were pregnant.  It has been so much fun to watch them all grow up together!

I feel like this post might have been a little preachy for homeschooling…no worries…I don’t think homeschooling is for everyone; in fact, it’s not for most! What I do is what I do and I respect and appreciate watching others choose differently…beauty of being an American I suppose 😉

How I fit in running, cleaning, cooking, running errands, and whatever else we do in a day sometimes blows my mind, but it gets done and most nights we all still love each other a lot and want to carry on doing it again another day 😉




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