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Fall is here! Back at it with the stroller, and a race this weekend

These past couple of days have been minimal for mileage and that seemed like a perfect opportunity to get back at it with pushing the stroller again.


No matter where I go in town, there is at least 2 hills.  Hills are great for training, but lugging the beast up them can really wear on you after a while…however, with a brief and much needed break I am content with the hills.

It doesn't look like much of a hill, but this is right before you turn off onto my is a tough way to end a run treking back up this unassuming hill.

It doesn’t look like much of a hill, but this is right before you turn off onto my street….it is a tough way to end a run treking back up this unassuming hill.

I was worried that the boys had grown accustomed to life without a stroller ride; I was wrong.  Bodhi and Trout couldn’t be any happier snuggling up together.  Their favorite thing to do is watch a movie on the iPad or ask me a million and one questions helping mom make sure she is not working too above her means…after all I am an encyclopedia first and runner last 😉


I also want to point out that it is fall here in northern ND and I am a happy camper.  Surprisingly, I do better in heat at races and suffer in the cold….but, I would rather train in the colder temperatures….odd right?!

Maybe not an incredibly fascinating or relevant fact; but, I have been admiring lashes of some ladies around town. I always figure that they’re geniuses at applying makeup, something I am not. I don’t ever wear makeup.  I think it’s a combination of looking silly when I wear any and that I am too lazy/busy to worry about something that my boys could care less about, (when you are a stay at home mom…who are you trying to impress, really 😉 ).  

However, I think it is good to spoil yourself every now and again.  I don’t usually spend a ton on anything other than groceries and running gear so I decided to take a leap and have mine done.


I couldn’t be happier.  The girl I had do them did a great job making them look as natural as possible.  It’s nice to have something about yourself that you like and I’ll be honest…I feel pretty frumpy most of the time.


They are a bit of up keep, but I figure it will be good for me to get away for a bit and have them filled….it was super relaxing laying back with my eyes closed for 2 hours…I could get used to this 😉  

*side note….a lot of mascara and makeup have gluten/wheat protein in it.  I have always struggled with itchy eyes and skin that freaked out when I had anything on….food for thought for those in the same boat as me with celiac.

This weekend is my half marathon.  I am nervous, excited, anxious, and hopefully ready.  While we are away we have a realtor open house and already showings of our newly-on-the-market home!


wish us luck!



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