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Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

The girl behind the runner

Maybe calling myself a “girl” is a stretch 😉  After all, I am a 32 year old mom of two blondies and I don’t think I’ll be winning any hipster contests anytime soon, (I never could).

But, for the sake of not going off on a tangent about something silly…yes; this post is about the girl behind the runner.

I think it is fare to say that when it comes to being personal, I am an open book.  

There isn’t a lot that I’m not willing to share, with the right crowd.  However, the nittier grittier stuff…the stuff that actually makes me tick or keeps me going is rarely disclosed…I don’t want to give it all away, nor do I think everyone wants to hear it.

Relevance, relevance Danielle!

Ryan and I moved to ND over 6 years ago.  Our original plan or was promised to me was that we would call this place our home no longer than 2 years.

Seeing is that I am going on over 6 years…that promise faded fast.  Thankfully, I have met incredible people as well as given birth to my second son Trout here in my very own home….I could have done a lot worse than wind up here.  Is this my favorite place in the world? No! But, I’ve sure made the best out of it!

Ryan and I have been vying to head out west badly as of late.  Our hopes were building as we were making plans to forgo the comfortable and explore new territory.  I am a pretty laid back person.  I don’t require many luxuries…a good pair of running shoes and plenty of nutritious food…that’s about it, (aside from my boys…I thought that was obvious 😉 ).

However, things just didn’t end up panning out the way we were hoping.  I am not giving up on moving back west in the near future; my family is my world and being away from my sister and her family and my brother and his just isn’t acceptable.  

However, I wasn’t going to continue to live in town right next door to another…This girl needs space to roam where her boys can be blonde, bare-naked, loud as they want, and free, (kind of like how I feel on my long runs minus the nudity).

So….today we took a leap and signed papers…our home is now officially on the market.  

Of course I will miss the serene little space we made in our back yard, the running routes right out my front door, the memories this house contains…but, my family and my need for freedom outweighs any sentiment this house could contain us with…we are on to new adventures.

Bodhi, Trout, and I enjoying the blue skies today! It is a great picture to help symbolize what I see as a move in an upward direction...I am hopeful to forever be an optimist

Bodhi, Trout, and I enjoying the blue skies today! It is a great picture to help symbolize what I see as a move in an upward direction…I am hopeful to forever be an optimist

I have been busy already, but the business will be amped up to a level I am not sure I am even prepared for.  These are the moments when I wish I lived closer to family as the help with my mini men would be appreciated while I am busy packing away our house and getting it ready for showings.

I will do my best to post…please know that I am only one person and while I LOVE to blog and connect with you all…I don’t know if I am physically or mentally able to cram it all in every day.

Wish us luck and a happy start on an unexpected turn in our journey together!

*here is a cute video of the boys monkeying around on their bikes on a little hill they found! they were pretty proud of themselves and I can’t blame them for that 🙂


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