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You know a marathon is coming up when…

You know a marathon is coming up when you start to exhibit these behaviors:

  • Waking up earlier than normal.  I have been consistently waking up at 5-6:00 every day this past week.  My race is one week away…it’s about right for me to do this a couple weeks leading up to a higher pressure run.
  • Not being able to fall asleep until close to midnight.  Again, my mind and body are anxiously awaiting the up and coming race.  I have been doing my best to nap with Trout so I’m at least getting some rest! 
  • Obsessing over race day clothing.  I think I have changed my mind a million and one times.  I will find myself content with a choice and then I will remember a  chafing issue I had with a particular sports bra or worry that I will be too cold or too hot 😉
  • Your appetite is ferocious.  I don’t know if I have ever been hungrier in my life, but at the same time I’m also running lower mileage.  I am sure most of my hunger is either related to nerves or lack of sleep and my body is just trying to stay alert with more calories.  I’ve been drinking more water to see if that would do the trick with insatiable hunger; nope.
  • I check the webpage to my race every night.  I go over the past race results and course map like it’s my job.  I always like to have an idea of what to expect.  It is a lot easier to relax if you know that at mile 10 there is a hill and pacing needs to be adjusted accordingly or if you see that the race times are slower than your PR …you can assume that it is probably a slower course and the pressure is off to feel like you have to do better than your best on a fast course.
  • Last minute ordering off of Amazon Prime.  I like to make sure I am more than stocked on my huma gels and skratch drink. The last thing I want to do is come up short come race day.
  • Become more curious/aware of other runners’ photos on instagram.  I follow plenty of runners on instagram…but, come closer to race time…I become increasingly aware of those who have races coming up too.  I’m a real mental case when it comes to running, (at times 😉 ).

Today reached up to 90 degrees.  It was windy and least favorite running combinations.


Thankfully, I was able to get out before it was the heat of the day.  I don’t know what I would do without my chessie children.  Rouix and Tulee endure some pretty crazy weather to make sure their mom gets out for a run.  

Today was also a true test of how good I am at juggling life as a stay-at-home, home-schooling mom along side of training and Bodhi taking PE and music with the public school up the road. If we weren’t in the car driving to a class, we were at home trying to cram as much into our free time as possible…it was crazy!


Trout was more than happy to sit and put together a Super Grover puzzle with me while Bodhi figured out how many different ways he could make a closed circuit.  Trout and I put together and un-did the puzzle at least 50 times 😉


I have to brag for a moment.  Bodhi has been such an incredible kid to work with as a homeschooler; sure we have our moments, (many) but after all he is only 6 and he has aspirations I didn’t have at 13!  He worked really hard this last school year and I was so happy to see his face when he opened the mail and saw that he received this! With our homeschooling program, Bodhi will graduate with a transcript just as if he were attending a private school….it is not a cheap route..but that was important to us.


On a random note…I finished my bone broth and made chicken noodle soup with it, (yup, in 90 degree weather).  I have used these noodles in the past for other applications…but they are hardy and they held up well in a soup.  I love that they are made from chickpea flour and pea protein.  I will be ordering these in bulk 😉

I am hoping my nerves will settle sooner than later.  I have never really gotten nervous about running before, but that was when I went into a race with no objective other than to finish and have fun.  I should still go into races with those sentiments…but, when you put as much hard work in it as I have…just finishing is hard to accept.  I always hate to admit this aloud, but it is the truth.



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