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What I do on my “rest days”

This week my rest day just happen to fall upon a week day.  Yesterday, I had a marathon specific speed session that left me feeling really confident in my coach’s hopes of me finishing in my up and coming races..however, today I am tired and it’s a good thing I have the day “off”

What’s with the “”? 

Rest days aren’t really a lot of resting.  They are more like days without running, but a whole lot of running around 😉

When I do have those rare days where no run is planned and my boys are relatively calm and self-sufficient…you’ll find me for the majority of that day in the kitchen.

Today started out with a request from Trout for a cookie.  When a mom is asked for a cookie and it’s not even 7 am….you don’t do what I did and whip together cashew flour “cookies” that have maple syrup, coconut oil, cashew flour, and mini chocolate chips…that’s it.  I’m sure that’s the only thing he will eat from now on..I sealed my own fate 😉


 I had left-over chicken bones and such, (sorry all you vegans and animal lovers) from Ryan’s birthday dinner.  I do not believe in wasting food.  I really don’t like to throw away chicken without making bone broth, (after all they made the ultimate sacrifice so we could eat some yummy tacos).


I threw the “left-over” chicken in a soup pot, carrots, celery, bay leaves, onion, lemon (the acid helps leach more nutrients from the bones), and topped it off with water.  I will have this cook for over 24 hours. Store-bought broth just doesn’t compare!


Today we were finally getting to visit my friend and her new baby boy! It has been 5 weeks since the little man joined us earth side…and he was so much fun to snuggle.  I had promised her zucchini bread 5 weeks ago when we were supposed to visit, but she ended up being in labor 😉  I had to follow through with my promise! plus, zucchini is really good right now!

I was too busy gawking at her little guy so there is only a couple of photos from Trout checking out one of their many chicken coops.


He was hard up to grab a chick and hold it.


Duchess, there dog, was staking her claim on the chicks…she might have a history of eating a few chickens 😉


Tonight I went all out and made home-made pizza.  I really don’t know if I can call it pizza anymore.  It has sauce,  crust (although it’s cauliflower based and gluten free), and “cheese” (made with brazil nuts)….but, it weights more than Trout so I think I might have to start calling it something else. 

I always find on my days off from running that my body really craves nourishing foods…it’s like it knows it needs to be prepared to get back at it sooner than later.  I’ve been trying to take a page out of my boys’ books and eat what my body asks.  I find when I can quite the “emotional” side of eating….the sugar and caffeine I normally can’t live without isn’t even a thought in my mind 😉

Over all a very productive “rest day”.  I feel like my coach Mat pictures me sitting at home on my couch eating bon bons (dairy free of course 😉 ) while soaps are playing and my boys are off at day-care or school….ha! 





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