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Okay, so I’m going to vent here for a second.

Bodhi’s fall soccer season has started.  This is a big deal in my world as I am a huge fan of my boys playing soccer; it’s kind of a great sport to watch 😉

Bodhi and his team mates are barely 6.  I have coached his teams a couple of times and what I know from my own experience growing up in club soccer as well as being a coach….the only objective is to have fun.  Kids at their age shouldn’t be worried about passing with accuracy, scoring every shot they take, throwing the ball in with precision…it’s about stopping and gawking at every plane, meeting new and old friends out on the field, and falling in love with the sport; the skill will come later!

However, this go around there is that parent that is so incredibly loud, bossy, cruel, and someone I generally want to tell to go fly a kite that unfortunately shows up at the game.  I am impressed I have not shoved my foot in my mouth yet. 

Don’t get me wrong, I cheer and direct Bodhi every now and again…but, it’s usually cheering and giving a super geeky, but well deserved mom’s thumbs up from across the field 😉


I hope that I am not overstepping any parental boundaries about this topic, but I am so incredibly annoyed and being a parent brings its own sets of challenges just with interacting with other kids’ parents…some you will love and some you would rather not get to know.

Does this have any relation to running? no.  But, it could. If we are only focused on the intent of winning, PR’ing, being the best there is….the love of the sport can quickly fade away.  

Of course, set challenges, aim high, and above all dream big…but like 6 year olds playing club soccer….love what you do.  Love running for the freedom it gives you, the feeling of on-top-of the world after your done with a particularly burly day, the amazing folks it will get you in touch with who also share your love….the skill will come if you keep at it; always keep the goal of loving what you do come first.

*To those parents who are making it hard for the rest of us parents to just enjoy our kids learning the sport of soccer….if you could come down with laryngitis…we would all be much appreciative 😉 (I kid)…



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