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Run Nelly Run

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Happy Birthday Ryan! a few new notable favorites!

Today practically is a holiday for us. 

34 years ago, my favorite human being was born 😉  Happy Birthday Ryan!


I got him new running shorts! my gifts are always selfish 😉


Ryan isn’t the perfect guy, but he is the perfect guy for me!

He was the one who taught me to love myself before I could ever truly love another. 

He never gave up on me when I was recovering from my eating disorder.  Whenever I would put on weight and couldn’t fit into my old cloths…he would immediately throw them away and help me find some that would fit all the while telling me how proud he was of me.

He dishes out tough love.  He doesn’t ever settle for me making excuses…he knows my best and he expects it.

However, he never expects perfection, loves all of us (Bodhi, Trout, me) for our flaws and wouldn’t change a thing about any one of us.

He always grabs me a glass of water after I’ve had a good cry.

He is the only one that makes me feel completely safe.  Whatever the universe has to throw at us or has already…he has been the one to bring me comfort; I love him for that.

He has been my biggest cheerleader in life.  My dreams/goals/ambitions are something he takes seriously and fights along side of me.

My brother really likes him; enough said.

There’s so much more I could say…. I wouldn’t be Run Nelly Run without Ryan.  

Ryan, thank you again for being an awesome dad, husband, boss, and friend to all that you know.

Gushing over.

Some of my new favorites!


Dressing my boys in the same cloths! I don’t want them to be matchy-matchy, but I can’t help getting them the same T-rex shirt when opportunity presents itself 😉 They don’t mind dressing alike so while they’re okay with it…I will capitalize on this moment.


Cookie-dough, specifically blondie batter.  Ryan loves blondies, so this was his birthday cake.  It is really hard not to eat all of the dough before I bake off the bars.


Getting to see all of my boys’ great finds while they play outside.  Today Bodhi was insistent that we come outside to see something really cool! I’m so glad we did, this guy was huge and apparently likes to pose for photos..I was practically in his face.


Getting Oiselle clothing in the mail.  I feel like a kid on Christmas morning when I see the yellow-green bird tape striped on the side of a white envelope.


My new gear in action 😉 I love doing strides in the grass! Bodhi loves doing them along side of me.  It is a great way for me to kill two birds with one stone, (play & post-workout strides).  I might have over exaggerated my arms 😉

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday!  It was a great day for us here celebrating the guy we all adore.






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