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Run Nelly Run

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It’s been 2 days, but it seems like forever!

It’s been 2 days since I’ve run, but it seems like forever!

My treadmill is still on the blitz.  I was running out of steam pushing my two boys for miles and miles around town.  My knee was starting to ache too….it just wasn’t worth risking an injury or burn-out.  

So, what have I been doing?

Riding all of my “miles” on my Elliptigo.  

If I had a 14 mile run in my schedule, I’ve been riding my Elliptigo for 90 minutes.  

I’ve also been doing a long of yoga to keep that knee happy.

How are my boys doing with this adjustment?

They’re adjusting just fine 😉


They’re out of a crammed stroller space and their mornings are spent playing with one another rather than bickering over who requires more space in their usual ride alongs with their crazy runner lady 😉 (I was only ever out for 90 minutes at most…it wasn’t an all day affair in case you were worried that they were pent up for hours at a time 😉 ).

Am I afraid I’m going to lose my fitness?


If anything, I know that this will save me from burning out so bad that I won’t be able to recover.  Sometimes you have to pay attention to those subtle signs before they become so glaring you can’t look away.

Running with my boys in the stroller was becoming a chore, it felt like a burden rather than something fun that I love, I was getting so burnt out that I had very little energy for the rest of the day.

Swapping out those runs with my Elliptigo has given me newfound energy that has given me a chance to enjoy my boys and their hobbies more; family always comes first!  

Speaking of my boys…

Bodhi has been bugging me to make his hair shorter again.  I called our favorite stylist in the world and told her that Bodhi was in need of a trim and Trout would probably want a cut too 😉


My Goldie Locks went from a shoulder length do to the spitting image of his older brother.


Cutting your little men’s hair instantly ages them! it was refreshing to see both of their eyes better, (they’re super expressive)…but, a little piece of me crumbles when they lob their locks for more manly styles…it makes them grow up entirely too fast for my liking!




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