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Windy day running



I am not afraid to admit or share that some days are just a struggle.  

Today was a challenge right from the get go. 

I woke up with an upset stomach; life as a celiac.

Last night I made Thai food that had 2 jalapeño peppers in it..seed and all.  This was a fatal error.


While my dinner was amazing! (I found yet another way to use “zoodles” aka zucchini noodles and it had more than enough color to cover every possible vitamin) the heat was a horrible idea.

Since having celiac diagnosed as well as birthing my two boys…I cannot do heat.  I love spice and spice does not like me.

Back to this morning…my stomach hated me.

I had speed work prescribed and I didn’t want to try to run 2 x 10 minutes at tempo pace (think half marathon pace) and 15 minutes at steady state pace (marathon pace, at least hoping)  while watching my two boys…it just wasn’t going to be possible.

My treadmill is still not working! (I am beyond disappointed in Nordic Track at this point in time).

Ryan made it work so that he would get home at 3 so that I could head out and run.

3 rolled around…my stomach was still upset…and there was wind! it had been blowing all day, but, when you’re about to head out in it…it become glaringly obvious how much wind there really is.

There was wind everywhere I turned, (gotta love flat land of ND…wind swirls and no trees to break it up).

I stopped a million and one times to dry-heave and to try to think of any reason to call Ryan and quit.

I convinced myself to finish.  

It was a stinky, not good, horrible feeling body kind of run…bound to happen now and again I suppose.

However, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t focus on the positives!


Ryan, my handy-man, is building me a yoga deck by our pond.  This is how it looked during construction.  He stained it the other day and it’s almost ready for use…I’m pretty excited!


The boys got to play at the new splash pad while it was 90 + degrees yesterday and they also got to eat strawberry popsicles the size of their heads while they were there!  We have an incredible local kid entrepreneur that started his own ice-cream truck business….Oscar is pretty incredible!



My blondies thoroughly enjoyed their treats 😉


The boys have been vying for a cat of their own.  We go to petco for our dogs and the local shelter has cats up for adoption there.  

There is a particular kitty girl that has won all of our hearts.  Piper, (that’s her name) has been there longer than normal and I think that’s due to her “you have to earn my love” kind of disposition.


She doesn’t have us fooled; we are all enamored.  I might have filled out an application too.  I told the boys not to get their hopes up…all we want is for her to go to a good home even if that’s not ours.  Our home is intense, but there are some serious kitty-loving boys over here, (I have never been a cat person, but this is what being a mom does to you!)


When all else fails and moods are too low to lift…head to Target!

Trout joined me tonight on my trip to drop off recycling, (they are the only place that collects here).

Trout had a blast looking at all the furniture and asking if we could buy everything he saw.  Somehow wondering the isles of Target is therapeutic to the boys and I;  we are weird like that 😉

See! focusing on the positives!

I have got to start thinking more positively before my hard workouts…I think my mental game is throwing me off too!  

I wouldn’t lie if I said that today’s run didn’t make me nervous for my up and coming half marathon….BUT, I am not going to let that rule my thoughts, (at least not for now).


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