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Race recap–and what I learned from my long run today

Yesterday Bodhi ran his first ever 5K!

His silly mom thought she was signing him up for a fun 1 mile run…which he was insistent he wanted to race.  However, come race night, we both found out that there was only a 5k happening.  He still took it on like a champ and did incredibly well!


Bodhi did what every running aims to do during their race.  He started with a smile and finished with an even bigger one.  However if you watch his race-recap clip….he’ll tell you what he really thinks about running in a 5k race 😉

Running a race without the intent of racing was a new concept for me.  Thankfully, I had this amazing little blondie to run beside and watch him go through the ups and downs of what it takes to run a race.  It was also a really good lesson for me to realize that while I am trying to shave seconds off an already incredible time…There are more than not, people who are simply happy to finish.  I think those that persevere even when they aren’t a natural runner or use running as a way to get them towards a healthier place are incredibly inspiring folks; I felt honored to run amongst them and appreciated seeing things from a different P.O.V.


By the way! I am a big fan and believer of supporting local races! I will never be above or too good to run even the smallest of races.  I think that as a runner and someone who wants others to love it as much as I do; it’s our responsibility to go out there and be part of what our community has to offer! Bodhi and I were more than happy to get dressed up and wear our glow gear.  We even had a mom runner pushing a stroller next to us for most of the race with a 6 year old too! It was fun seeing her get her girls excited about being active.  She was just as geeked out and dressed up as me…it was a out on the race course bonding moment for sure 😉

On to today’s long run!

Today is a great example of taking your run one mile at a time.

The beginning of my run started with much trepidation as to what the next 15 miles would bring! I wasn’t feeling the best, but I wasn’t feeling the worse…I just felt like today was going to be a less than stellar long run day. I had 15 easy miles with 8 x 1 min. faster pace at the end…how was I going to hit anything fast with the way I was feeling?!


This was at mile 7…I was not quite like myself…but, feeling better after my first huma gel consumption.


When you’re run isn’t feeling as great as it could..focus on the things that are going right! The weather was perfect for running! 57, calm, and roads like these to run along are pretty hard not to smile about.

Thankfully, by mile 12 I was back to my happy long-run self and feeling like maybe those quicker paces weren’t going to be unattainable after all.  

I not only hit my expected/prescribed pace..but, exceeded it..and felt great! I think it is always smart to listen to your body and go by feel.  I wasn’t expecting to go half as fast and ended up going much much quicker while also feeling good doing it….again, these are the days when you realize that so much can change over a long run; it’s really important to try not to chalk a run up as “bad” just because it starts out feeling less than ideal.

Here is another attempt at me playing with the sunrise 😉


It looks as awkward as I knew it would, (insert laughter here!)  Sarah, my running and sole sister and I had a talk about the sun being in peculiar places; there you go Sarah! this one is for you lady 🙂  This was mile 11 and apparently I was too in the zone to realize I should have turned around so the sun was in my face rather than where it was, (again. insert laughter).



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