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A day in the life with two boys

I think it is always valuable to give some insight into what a day looks like surrounding that one snapshot, picture perfect moment we try to capture so often on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

A day in the life with two boys is rarely scripted or beautifully captured; that’s not to say that there isn’t a ton of fun,beautiful moments…I’m just usually too busy to even think to grab my phone to take a picture.

Having two, healthy boys is such a gift in my world.  Running definitely doesn’t hold a candle to how much I love and adore Bodhi and Trout and getting to be their mom.

Life as a mother runner with these two is a beautiful and frustrating thing all at the same time!


Today was a double run day…so this morning, (a late start again due to hail and lightning early in the morning) we headed out to complete 10 miles.  The boys have been rock stars about riding while I’m huffing and puffing for miles on end.  I decided to buy them the complete “Charlie Brown & Snoopy” season on iTunes.  I love that they love the Peanuts and Scoobie Doo like I did growing up.

By the end of our running, energy was practically bubbling over from within the stroller…so I immediately had them hop out and hop on their bikes and finish the rest of the 4 miles for my 14 miler day…they were enthused!


This is where it can get incredibly frustrating if you allow it.  Trout LOVES to ride his Strider Bike.  I love to see my boys be active…so…for the first mile we went maybe a 15:00/mile pace…he was happy and that’s all that mattered.  

By the second mile…he had gotten in and out of the stroller at least 50 x’s and my Garmin was stopped and started more than I could count….It’s safe to say both Bodhi and I were getting impatient.  However, it takes a deep breath and a momma heart to realize that all that really matters is that every one is having a good time.  I am by no means a professional runner…it’s a hobby and at the end of the day, their happiness overrides hitting a specific pace every time.

We did end up finishing all 4 miles in a 9:50/mile pace.  I was impressed with my two nuggets.  

Trout immediately napped, Bodhi immediately went off to play with his superheroes; Both of my boys have always been encouraged to entertain themselves and it shows.  Neither one of them put up a fuss when quite time is required and they’re expected to be independent for a moment.

Nap time doesn’t usually last long around our house…but when it does, I bask in all of it’s glory.

The rest of our day is spent schooling, making the house a mess, cooking dinner (or attempting to), and playing as much as possible.

What do you do with boys while you’re waiting for dinner to cook?  Put on matching tattoos of course 😉


How do my boys like to spend time together?

Anything that is outside!


They’re sticklers about helmults! I love that!

Spending day in and day out with these two is seriously entertaining.  I love watching their bond grow with each passing day.  The fun thing about having two boys is when they do argue…it usually lasts as long as the first punch thrown, (or train in our world) and that’s it…they’ve gotten their anger off their chest and they’re off to bigger better things.  At the end of the day, they love each other and it is incredibly evident! 

*I don’t endorse hitting in my house…but, I would be lying if I didn’t say that my boys are definitely more physical creatures.  They don’t typically get catty and verbal in disputes….it literally is a train thrown at the other’s direction and then they both move on…funny and frustrating to watch.

I don’t get to play with dolls, paint fingernails, (unless it’s sparkly dark blue or green polish), or braid hair like I would if I had a little lady bug around.   Maybe that is in our future some day. For now, I am so completely, head over heels in love with these two littles and they have made me enjoy every day in a completely different way than I ever expected.  

Tomorrow is our last double digit run on the stroller before I have the weekend where I get to run solo again.  I always look forward to not having to push a stroller; but, I do really love the company.  I am sure by Monday I will be ready to get back at it 🙂


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