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Let’s talk the Olympics!

I’m sure no one is blogging about the marathon that had all of our American runners in the top 10! (enter sarcasm here)


By choice, we don’t have cable or regular television.  Ryan and I figured there is enough on Netflix to last the boys and us a lifetime…and it just made sense to do away with cable when all we were watching was Food Network, HGTV, and Disney Junior, (which really ended up being a background noise most of the time).

Today was one such day when I really wished we had television.  Thankfully, my husband is much more plugged in then I am and we were able to watch the marathon by downloading an app on my phone; I could’t explain to you how he did it…but, I’m so glad he did!

Watching the marathon was incredible.  It’s funny how in the past I really wasn’t even aware of the marathon distance in the Olympics, fast forward to now….it holds as much love and adoration for me as woman’s gymnastics.  

When you invest time and energy into running watching others do the same thing, (at a much much higher level)…just makes you appreciate their strength, ambition, drive, and the sacrifice it took to get where they are!


This weekend concluded with me running 10 recovery miles totaling 30 miles for the weekend. I also ran my highest mileage week so far!  Running is a really small piece of my life pie…however, lately it has demanded more of that pie divided in its favor which has taken some juggling on my boys and my behalf.


It’s weeks like these that I am eternally grateful for my legs and their ability to carry me where they do with not too much complaint.  Running allows my soul to feel wild & free. I get why those woman ran in the heat for 26.2 miles going at an insane pace i can only dream of going at…they love to run.  Running is part of who they are like it is part of who I am.

When I think about my life as an amateur marathoner compared to an elite runner….there really isn’t much difference 😉


I’ve got my daily naps schedule and mandated.  


Aside from running, I do plenty of cross training and heavy lifting, (today included fast jogging behind my boys intermittent with carrying two bikes at the same time while they ran around me in circles).

I too have a personal chef who makes sure my diet stays clean 😉  Really no comparison at all; I’m sure 😉

Hope you all were able to watch the Olympic marathon this weekend and left feeling as awe stricken and inspired as I was.  Those ladies who ran today, all of them, were incredible.





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