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Run Nelly Run

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I’m sorry for the lack of posts

I want to give credit to all of those who blog consistently even through the busiest of times!

This summer has been incredibly busy! between travel, logging more miles with boys in tow, and just trying to enjoy every bit of summer possible; my blogging has taken the back seat, literally.

I have so much to always talk about and say….but, not a ton of time to do so and so for that, I am really sorry.

Today I’ll talk about my running, after all, this is a blog about my life as a runner.


My treadmill decided to blow up.

It has been the best of times and worse of times for my treadmill to peter out on me.  

Thankfully, it’s summer and I am not having to push a stroller through wet, thick snow.  
Thankfully, my boys are super cooperative and have sat through 2 double run days with me this week as well as most of my runs being in the double digits in general.

Thankfully, my husband is SUPER supportive of my Starbucks spending habit as of late.  I might bribe my boys for an iced coffee, (you heard right, iced coffee…they love it slightly sweetened with coconut milk) in hopes that they will continue to be great while my treadmill is down and out for another week!

Sadly, this is the week I decided to swear off swearing! I hate to admit this, but my biggest vice is that my frustration, fatigue, and general lack of patience gets the better of me and I might put sailors to shame.  It’s not something I’m proud of and I am determined to get back to my non-cussing ways, (there was a time when shucks was the worse thing I said…this was before I met Ryan and before I had children who try to push me to the brink).

I made a deal with the boys…if they heard mom say as much as a whisper of a bad word I have to do 10 burpees on the spot.  I will either get in incredible shape or I will learn quick after my first day of too many burpees; however,  it has been so far so’s all about taking a breath before you speak…it’s something worth being mindful of.


I’m a huge nerd and love taking photos of running with the sunrise! In leu of olympics, I decided to attempt my best track stride 😉

Today I had a 20 mile run to tackle.  I was a little hesitant with all the latest runner murders in the news.  I don’t normally have someone to run with. On the weekend I like to go out early for my husband’s sanity as well as making sure my boys have a somewhat normal weekend that doesn’t revolve around their mom getting her long run done…I try to only ask for their cooperation during the week day, which I already feel is a stretch…but, you gotta do what you gotta do for yourself too!

I am amazed by how strong my lower body has gotten from pushing a stroller!  I don’t like to stare at my watch too often, but when I did…I couldn’t believe my pace with how controlled and easy I felt.


Nothing beats coming home to this face! Trout is always super happy when I come back.  If he wakes up at 5 when I do before my run…he is worried that I won’t come back..he makes me swear up and down that I will….He is a momma’s boy and I am 100% okay with that!

I have been practicing my fueling and hydration a ton lately and I am anxious to share with you all about what I’m doing.  Today on my run I brought along 3 huma gels and a hand held with water…it was perfect!

More to come on that topic.

Thank you again for being patient with me.  I will get back into a rhythm, I hope.  I really do appreciate all of you that take the time to read as well as those over achievers that comment!!!!Ryan can attest to this…when I get a comment or a post like from you all…I am probably as excited as a kid on Christmas morning; it makes my day!




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