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Kale Yea, Yoga Hair, and Flowers

Sunday’s are my favorite day of the week.  I get to sleep in with my littles and enjoy breakfast without worrying about how it will affect my run.


yoga hair and we don’t care 😉  Sunday’s are also a day where I get to do longer yoga flows; this is very important to me.  During the week, I’m lucky if I fit in 20 minutes/day of stretching and yoga.  However, on the weekend, I make it my mission to practice at least once for more than an hour and I always feel great after!  Trout and I did a lot of hand, head, and forearm stands today…it’s a lot of fun to watch my boys try to do what I do.  I am glad that I’m instilling in them the love of yoga, running, movement, and eating well!


Trout say’s “kale yea!”.  Make kale chips and they will devour them!  I am a big believer that kids are much more adventurous eaters if you are only willing to try be adventurous too.

Bake low and slow and you'll maintain the green and get a great crunch!

Bake low and slow and you’ll maintain the green and get a great crunch!

I'm kind-of, really in love with sunflower seeds. Added raw jalapeño on top and Ryan and I were happy with our "rabbit food" (as Rye lovingly calls it)

I’m kind-of, really in love with sunflower seeds. Added raw jalapeño on top and Ryan and I were happy with our “rabbit food” (as Rye lovingly calls it)

I made kale chips and a salad made out of broccoli, cabbage, avocado, grilled chicken (leftover from the night before), sunflower seeds and carrot slaw with cucumber noodles and homemade vegan ranch dressing.  Both of my boys ate their bowls and were asking for more.


My boys are pretty used to me taking photos of them eating 😉 it’s not weird, right?! 🙂

*It’s worth mentioning that kale chips make a huge mess! Be prepared for lots of green crumbles to litter your kitchen/eating area.  I think the mess is completely worth it and I have two dogs who are just as stoked about kale as their hairless siblings.


In case you only thought I took pictures of kids eating food, running many miles with a stroller, or blogging it up….I am TRYING to learn how to be a green thumb.  I didn’t commit to planting flowers this year or a garden, (with marathon training, homeschooling year round, and traveling tons…it just didn’t make the cut).  But, when we were at Home Depot the other day, I saw these plants and couldn’t resist filling my pots with them.  I’m glad I did, they sure make our house look less haggard.  Picture a home with bikes, scooters, dogs, and half naked boys running amok 24/7….flowers are neccessity 🙂

Hope your weekend was filled with fun-filled long runs, family time aplenty, and veggies fresh from your farmer’s market, (one of the reasons I love summer).



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