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Long Run Day & Longest Mileage Week

This week is worth talking about the miles I conquered.   I use the word conquered, because it was quite a feat running 74 miles with a broken treadmill and two boys in tow for most of those miles!


Sadly, my Nordic Trak has been on the blitz.  I typically split my miles between the treadmill and stroller to alleviate sit time for my boys as well as give me a break from all the heavy pushing on top of running.

I knew heading into this week that it was going to be harder, so I mentally prepared myself and my boys for the road ahead.

Thankfully with my willingness to run earlier than normal mornings, the glory that is known as the iPad, enough movies to keep my boys happy for an hour and half, as well as a couple of coffee bribes that might have gone down, (yup, my boys love coffee…and not the frilly stuff…coffee with coconut milk and that’s about it!).


Double run days involved a longer run in the a.m. and Bodhi joining me on his bike for the p.m. shorter run.  Trout thought he wanted to ride his on my last double day and that lasted .5 miles until he decided the stroller was cooler 😉

In case you were worried my boys were just stroller slaves this week…Bodhi had art camp and I was done with my run or first run before I had to take him at 9 a.m.  Bodhi also got TONS of time using his Birthday gift, (of course with my undivided supervision).


Trout, sweet Trout….he and I had mama and T-man outings while Bodhi was at camp and I took advantage of his nap times with him, (there was PLENTY of snuggling! it was heaven).

He didn’t lose out on riding his bike either…if we weren’t out on a run, helping school Bodhi, or busy cleaning and getting a meal ready; Trout was on his bike or pretending to fix it 😉13895114_10207256873836264_4872096768228383119_n

The boys might have found another caterpillar friend in our yard too! it is worth mentioning, seeing is how green our yard is full of great hiding spots for those cute little critters.  SOMEHOW they always manage to find them!


My long run today was one of those leave you wanting to leap for joy kind of runs!  



I knew I had a fast-finish long run today so this week I made even more of an effort to take it easy on easy days and to truly recover on my recovery days (the thought of tackling many miles with my littles had me sweating this weekend’s run).  


Trying to get “artsy” in honor of my running bud who is out of town! I am always inspired by her running photos

I’ve had a coach for a while now.  I know that it has probably taken me entirely too long to finally see the wisdom in his ways…but, I am truly getting it! Mat is has been preaching since day one to take it slower in order to run faster…I believe Mat, I believe!

Gear Gush moment real quick!

I used Saucony Women’s Bullet Tight Shorts.  I carried my phone in their pocket.  I am happy to report that it didn’t fall out or bother me the entire run, (even when I was running at my goal half marathon pace).  I highly recommend them, (not because they endorse it…but, because they’re too good to not share)




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