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Day in a life-eats edition

I thought that since I talked about nutrition yesterday I would include what I ate today.  Not as a way to say that this is the correct way to eat, or that I eat this way all the time, (my diet varies on a regular basis..I’m not a routine eater). This just gives you an idea what I’m fueling with as well as a way for you to see that my diet is pretty “normal” compared to the masses 😉



Raw, gluten-free oats, flax seed, pumpkin seed, frozen blueberries, sunbutter, topped off with almond milk.  

I don’t usually eat an entire meal before a run, but I had time to spare, because I made the decision to run Bodhi down to Art Camp today and then run the rest of my recovery run after.  

I love oats straight out of the container without cooking, soaked in a pool of almond milk and frozen berries.  I always include some sort of fat, this morning I made an executive decision to add three: pumpkin seeds, flax, and sunbutter.


Post run stretch! It was windy today, so going at a “recovery” pace was more than welcomed.  However, the breakfast kept me plenty fueled and I really didn’t feel like I was going to need to refuel until well after I picked Bodhi up at noon.



An entire small container of organic mixed baby greens, home-made vegan ranch, avocado, gluten free chicken, (my boys love baked gluten free tenders so I chopped up a couple and added them to my salad), sunflower seeds, and a handful of broccoli and potato fries.

Lunch is typically my biggest meal of the day.  I also try not to eat too many raw greens these days.  My folic acid has been abnormally high, which is most likely from my raw dark leafy green consumption…but somedays I just really want a big salad.



Leftovers reheated in a skillet.  I used our leftover brown-rice noodles for my Dad’s fried noodle recipe. I fried the noodles in vegan coconut butter, (think earth balance, but so much better), grape seed oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic, and a little bit of nutritional yeast…they were delicious.



After lunch, Bodhi and I sat down to homeschool, (we school year-round and he didn’t school this morning with art camp).  I was feeling a bit sluggish so I made a pot of coffee to sip on.  I always add some steamed cashew milk, but I never finish all of’s more of an experience for me than an actual snack.


After dinner tonight I was craving something “sweet”.  While my mom was visiting her and I made the boys vegan/raw “fudgesicles”.  If you want the recipe for them, here it is!

We had left over vanilla coating so I poured it into my small spring-form cake pan and made a mini vegan/raw cheesecake.  It was really good.  I made a crust out of walnuts, oats, dates, salt, and grated ginger.  I added ginger to the filling and swirled in homemade strawberry rhubarb jam from Ryan’s mom.  

It’s safe to say that a little goes a long way! I didn’t need much to take the edge off.

In case you thought I was some “purist”…Bodhi and I at 4 p.m. today were in cleaning mode.  We dusted, vacuumed, picked up, did laundry, cleaned the bathrooms…the only thing that we could have seen worthy of fueling us was my homemade blondie bars that are gluten free, but definitely not guilt free.  The dark chocolate chips in those bad boys gave us enough of a buzz to get the job done 😉

*Ryan loves blondies and it is my attempt to show him that his efforts are appreciated…plus I love to bake and want to open up my own cafe someday….a girl can dream!

There you have it! I will have to post a day in a life eats edition when I’m traveling…I always think that would be interesting in regards to my family and I having food allergies to both gluten and dairy.



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