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Run Nelly Run

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what a weekend!!!!!!

What a weekend!

Started it out with 23 miles with this lady 


I really couldn’t think of a better way to start my weekend than spending 3 + hours chatting it up with my running bud.  I am quite certain that running is the best and cheapest form of therapy; that is if you discount all the shoes purchased, 100 plus pairs of running tights, race fees, travel expenses, grocery bill, etc…the joy I get from running while talking about nothing and everything with someone great is priceless.


We might have had a ton of fun with photos yesterday 😉 the sunrise was begging to be photographed!


Because legs like these should be celebrated! both have carried each running tons of miles, endured grueling cramps and still shows up even when we are asking too much at times;  Thank you legs!

I used a handheld for the first time yesterday and I loved it! It took a while to get used to how my arm felt while running with a bottle full of water, (sore, like I had been holding my arm out to the side for a bit)..but, that feeling quickly faded and I didn’t notice I even had it.  I bought a Nathan Speed Draw plus in navy, (navy was cheaper and I don’t really care about matching with the rest of my gear 😉 ).


After our run I got to hang out with my boys and my mom! she is visiting this weekend and I couldn’t be happier!


My boys’ favorite attraction at the fair was painting of course 😉 It is pretty evident that while they do look so much more like their dad they do have some of me about them too 🙂

Today has been busy full of not being busy.  I love those days where little odds and ends get done, but nothing dire or pressing is making the weekend seem more like the work week.  I also traded out my 6 mile recovery run today for an hour long Elliptigo ride.  I felt great after my run yesterday, but I am also turning a new leaf and trying the kinder approach to my body on my recovery days..>I really want to take that concept very seriously.


I was super stoked to watch some serious father-son bonding time happening.  We had big boxes hanging around and the only thing that felt appropriate to do with them was make them into a fort!  Ryan and Bodhi are true engineers and it is so much fun watching them build together.  I hope this becomes a life long love of theirs!


Trout showed Grandma how much he loves water and he also surprised the heck out of all of us when he picked up a fly rod and started casting like he had been doing it forever; there is not a doubt in any of our minds that he was destined for his name!

sorry about the camera shifting…Ryan switched it so you could see the line better and you might have to turn the screen 😉

I am really excited to get out there with all three of my boys and fish! Running is wonderful, one of my favorites, but I have other passions and fishing is quickly becoming one of them!

Weekend is done and ready to get back at it…lots of miles in the schedule, broken treadmill (du du duuuu!), and my mom is leaving tomorrow…should be interesting.


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