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Paces I never thought possible & favorites

I was reminded today why I am not a morning speed work person.  

I have had the luxury of staying at home with my two boys and that means waking and running when I feel best, (well, this is a latest and greatest change…I am trying to be kind to my body and that means putting sleep and sanity first).

Today, I got up, did some pilates, (I’ve decided that I am going to do more of that as well as yoga again and A LOT less of traditional strength conditioning…again, trying to be kinder to my body) and then headed out for my speed work at our local paved track.


It was a beautiful, 78 degree morning that made speed work a lot less daunting.  I was even afforded the luxury of sprinklers firing at the track keeping me extra comfortable.

However, between having a packed week of racing followed by a long run and lots of walking the fair right after said race…my body was not feeling speed.  True to form, I pushed on and got my work done, grabbing my phone for the last 1000m set and blasting Panic At the Disco, “Victorious” (cheesy, maybe…but, definitely necessary) to help bring it on home 😉

no matter how fit I am, I will always have proof that I carried two boys, and I am learning that, that part of me is a beautiful thing ;)

no matter how fit I am, I will always have proof that I carried two boys, and I am learning that, that part of me is a beautiful thing 😉

Thankfully, my stubbornness prevailed and I got it done; 2 mile warm up, followed by 5 x’s 1000m cruise pace with 200m rest in between, then 4 miles to finish it off making it 10 miles for the day.  I was really surprised that even with the fatigue, I was hitting paces I never thought possible; it was a feel-good, tough, but definitely a feel-good moment.

So what am I loving lately?

Of course, Oiselle makes the list with their new black widow line! I try to incorporate more color in my life, but I am a big fan of black.

I love yoga and I have been a big fan of following this lady as of late.  I am an advocate of practicing yoga on a regular basis, as well as living proof that doing yoga can make you a faster runner.  I aspire to have the same talent as this girl.  Check out her video, it’s 15 minutes worth watching.

The last thing I have been loving, well actually missing, is being pregnant!


Call me crazy, but I really loved being pregnant. Fortunately, with Trout I was able to run all the way up to  2 weeks before he was born.

I have a lot of pregnant women in my life presently, and it’s hard not to wish back the time when I was carrying around my boys 24/7…it was one of the best moments in my life to date.





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