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I’ve got a new running bud!

As most of you know, or maybe you don’t, I am a mom to two pretty amazing boys, (well, at least they are in my eyes).


While I was down in our basement with our two furry critters…my fur-less critters were sound asleep, snuggling.  They fight like crazy most days, arguing over petty things like who should have what nerf gun, but when it all boils down to it…they chose each other and that’s all a mom could ask for 🙂

Yesterday I finally got to run outside after a pretty long stint of treadmill running while watching over my pup who had surgery on a bum paw.  Unfortunately, it was 90 degrees by the time I got out, SUPER muggy, but all that didn’t matter…I was outdoors and I was happy.


My view from yesterday’s run looked something like this 😉  About 5 or 6 miles into our run I was admiring my boys not fighting for  a brief moment in time when I came to the conclusion that Bodhi has definitely outgrown riding in the stroller.  I’m sure most of you are like, “welcome to the party…too many years too late”…but, running has been about me and my time and having to try to play keep up with Bodhi was not something I was willing to do up until I realized that with him and Trout’s weight combined I was pushing a small adult around.

Today, for my second run of the day, I had Bodhi pick either his scooter or bike to take out with me.  This would be a great way to try this novel concept out.  He chose his scooter, of course (I swear he hates his bike), and off we went to tackle 3 sweaty, sticky miles.13781784_10207182289811710_4198797110495063068_n

He did great!  We stopped half way for a quick break and photo; otherwise, my little man is proving to be the best running partner a girl could ask for!


A first hot, sticky, muggy outing with my little man! so hot he had to lose the shirt 😉

No worries, I will not be taking him on my more strenuous of days..but, my recovery, easy, and second run-of-the-day runs are his to tag along on.  He told me today was the best day of his life…I think he just made my life!  

Not only is this guy a great running bud, but he is willing to help me out with strength training too 😉


Bodhi told me I couldn’t do a one-armed handstand.  I blew his mind 😉 He told me I was the strongest girl he knows; that boy is really good for my ego! 🙂


Bodhi showing me how it’s done!  If I could just freeze-frame time at these moments…I would be golden.

Not to forget my other little critter, Trout.


Trout is almost always the first to get up in the a.m. between the two boys.  He always insists on me wrapping him up in his train blanket and proceeds to watch “Justin Time” while I stretch after running.  I heart him.

Feeling so very appreciative for my boys.  Happy to have found out that Bodhi is proving to be quite the partner in crime for this whole running stint in my life…May it stand the test of time and him and I spend many miles and hopefully many races together!!!!!


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