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Run the Route Re-cap

Yesterday was quite the day!  I woke up at 6:00 am to eat a light breakfast, get myself more alert and alive, and then ran 3 miles for a warm-up before I had a 5K race to run.  

The weather was not looking great.  Thunder and lightning were lighting up the sky every minute or so and the rain was a torrential down-pour.  I feverishly searched social media to see if the race was cancelled; I won’t lie, part of me kind of hoped it was.  

Yesterday’s run was the first time I would run a short distance race with speed as my objective.  Yesterday’s 5K was the first time I would run with a coach and team mates knowing of my whereabouts and would know if I did well or was off that day.  Races are so temperamental…doing well really depends on so many factors: weather, how you’re feeling, adequate/proper fueling, emotional well-being, etc.

Thankfully, when I showed up to the finish line, it was pouring, and all I had time to do was grab my bib, pin it on, and hurry over to the start before they said “ready, set, go!”

I had a number in mind of what I wanted to get under.  Did I accomplish my goal?  Yes!  But before I divulge in my time…I want to go through the race and how I was feeling.

The first mile I was feeling good! Nerves thankfully didn’t get the better of me.  I have an uncanny knack of getting jello legs when I’m feeling particularly stressed over performance.  I had a couple of fast college boys to run with and I was happy that they were pushing the pace and not me.

The second mile was the down-hill stretch.  Surprisingly, that was the toughest part!  It was still raining and there were potholes and the road was slick from the rain.  A couple of us kept bumping into each other, immediately apologizing, and back at it while also trying to stay alert of more impending potholes, (apparently, we have roads that could use some repairing).

The second mile came and gone in 5 minutes 30 seconds! I didn’t look at my watch the entire run….I was going by feel. I could still talk enough to say, “good race”, “watch that puddle!” and “hey, how’s it going Jeff!”…this was a good sign!

Mile 3 was now here.  We had a couple rolling hills and a turn into the homestretch.  I let it all out, but also kept it cool.  It’s amazing how calm you can stay while also pushing your body pretty hard.  I loved the people cheering waiting for the parade to start, (the race was on the parade route).  

The last corner and homestretch was all out and I managed to pass a couple of guys that were slightly ahead the entire race.  I finished! I felt good, not out of breath, not sore, energized…this is what a race should feel like at the end…or should it?

I checked my time and did what I came to do; sub 18 minute 5K.  17:34 was my final time.  While I don’t normally like to talk about time and pace…I have had to overcome a lot of adversity with training lately and this was a huge sign that I was doing right by my body and it is a moment worth celebrating!

here I am with a friend I never would have made had I not signed up for local races last year!

here I am with a friend I never would have made had I not signed up for local races last year!

Soaked and happy!


Why does hair tangle so much when you run?!  I was worried about trying to comb this out…

Right after the run I ran back to the start and joined the boys who were going to be part of the parade this year.

Wore my Oiselle singlet for the race; had to support my Nark family walking the parade!

Wore my Oiselle singlet for the race; had to support my Nark family walking the parade!

Later the boys and I indulged in fair fun.


Trout wanted to have his face painted like a butterfly 😉 Bodhi picked a very appropriate look for his personality as of late…Cheetah for the win Bodhi 😉 !!!!!!!!


Proof that my hair did come untangled 😉

Busy day and also a day that I will store in my, “moments to remember” bank.  When the stars align, your training pays-off, and you find yourself kicking butt and feeling great to boot…that’s when you decide that the hard work is worth all the sweat and frustration, (at times).



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