Run Nelly Run

Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

Reminded of purpose

Falling into the trap of routine is incredibly easy.  

Add hurt puppy on top of already lagging motivation; it’s safe to say I’m not living with a whole lot of inspiration these days

thanks mountains for making the rest of the world look less rose colored 😉 (in case you didn’t know..I just got back from visiting Wyoming and Montana…both are incredibly special to me, both have mountains that always make me feel much more wild and free).

When down and out….listen to your favorite podcast!

Thankfully, THANKFULLY…there are people in this world that chose to live out loud, unafraid and unabashed by the potential of offending or facing criticism of others.  Thank you to all that do.  


Tonight, while I was trying to recover from a particularly challenging parenting day, (both of the human and puppy kind) I was tuning into one of my favorite go-to podcasts for runs and “me” time, Running on Om.  Julia, the host, most recently interviewed a pretty prestigious trail runner by the name of Sally McRae.  This particular podcast did not fail to deliver! I don’t think there has been a single podcast on ROO that I haven’t walked away from feeling anything, but inspired to live life more fully, This podcast spoke to my soul on all levels!  If you aren’t already a subscriber…please do subscribe! it will change your life.

Sally said something that truly resonated with me and I feel has given me drive and purpose to push forward again.  

When talking about her participation in the Western States 100 as well as how she has coped with tremendous loss in her life she said that the human spirit/body proves to get stronger with age/time…if one allows it.  It’s really easy to walk away from tragedy, such as losing loved ones or something near and dear to you, however, she says that she finds those who have passed on have given her strength to push through and fight even when it seems like there is no fight left.  In fact, her least favorite part of a 100 mile race is the first 20 miles and her favorite is the last 20 miles; her inner animal comes out and she finds strength and security in the human spirit’s desire to carry on in the toughest of times.

Most of you know, I lost someone so incredibly close to me, my dad.  Before he passed he and I were talking about what he ached to do and wished he felt better for.  One of the things that came up was running.  My last race, and every race prior to that has always been with my dad in mind.  In fact, I always tell him to get ready to do the run with me, because I’m taking him along for the ride.  He gives me purpose and strength in every race that I do…I realized today that I need to start inviting him along every run that I do….somehow I lost that incredibly important step when I got back from vacation and always seem to when I am finding myself feeling more isolated than normal.

Of course, I’m not Budha, so this feeling I’m sure will ebb and flow like most things do in my life; but, realizing what gives you motivation and how you can find it again is the majority of the battle.

Trying to hold onto our happy in my household has been a job lately and I’m hoping between Bodhi’s birthday coming up as well the fair that we will find it easier and easier with each passing day.


See, sadness is oozing out of the wood work over here 🙁

To our friends who continue to make life much better just by inviting us out to your oasis in the country; thank you!!!!!!!


Bodhi, Trout, and I headed out to the country for much needed dirt and four wheeler time with friends <3 isn’t the wind farm in the background cool?! Trout loves driving through the windmill fields watching them move.


Bodhi and Trout both informed me that we need to move ASAP…so that they can have a four wheeler; Bodhi told me I could run while him and Trout rode by my side…he obviously knows how to sell me on getting one 😉





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