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Dog days of summer

It has literally been the dog days of summer around here! Rouix continues to not heal and I am frustrated, because nothing is worse than watching your furry child be miserable with no end in sight.

We’ve given Rouix’s pad one week to start to close up and nothing is happening…so…tomorrow it is hopefully back to the vet.  I don’t think him or I can take a day of 5 or more bandage changes again on top of Rymadil, (puppy pain killer) he isn’t one to complain, but he sits around and pants from the pain and it is soul crushing.

On the topic of soul crushing. Between a puppy child that cannot be left alone for more than 5 minutes without tearing his bandage off and licking his wound until it is back where it started on top of a puppy girl who won’t go any where without her soul mate, (my dogs LOVE each other!) I have been confined to running down in my basement 🙁


My week’s speed work, alternating steady state run, as well as my long run day (16 miles) was spent chugging along on my Nordic Trak. Thank goodness I have it, but I would MUCH rather be outdoors; especially after training all winter long in the snow and cold for Boston.  BTW…nothing feels worse than running in front of your pups who would give anything to be outside running and you can’t do anything about it!

To take our minds off of being cooped up the boys and I packed the dogs in the car and headed out to visit our favorite blondies!


Bodhi and his bud were happily catching younger chickens and helping them “fly” out of the coop; seriously, kids left alone with nature is a site to behold, sometimes a bit scary, but definitely entertaining.


I got to visit “chicken”(that truly is her name) out in their pastures and life was good once more 😉

Today, was a rest day, but I always like to do something active after a long run, helps keep away the soreness.

I rode my elliptigo for an hour and then did some plyometric work in the front of our house while the boys played with the hose chasing each other around.  I am positive my neighbors think we are super crazy.


skips for height


jump lunges


Jump squats; Bodhi is laughing right now looking at this photo.  He says it looks like I just “squared” out his pool ring, yup. that’s the kind of comments I live with on a daily basis 😉


and my personal favorite, single leg jumps on the steps.  I did a bunch of other stuff, but I will spare you the photos of awkward faces and funny air shots…


maybe just one more 😉 lateral skips mid-air 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend filled with sweaty long runs outdoors….can I ask you a favor? take an extra run or dedicate a mile to us here in ND who are cooped up running inside until this puppy thing blows over.










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