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I Can’t Believe it’s Been 9 Years!

Bear with me while I get a bit mushy.  However, I will make this all relevant to running; so that’s good, right?

9 years ago, today, I married my best friend Ryan.


If I said that it was love at first sight…I would be lying. But, I will never forget the moment I met Ryan…I just knew he was worth pursuing, I’m glad I went with my gut!


Marriage is A LOT like running.  I will do my darnest to make this as running related as possible….so her it goes:

  • Marriage, like running, is not for all.  I believe that wether you decide to wed or live blissfully out of wedlock…there is no right way of doing it.  I have many friends who are no more happy with the idea about never running a day in their life as I am happy with the thought of running until the day I leave this world.  I have always been destined for both.  I married young, 23! when you know, you know.
  • Once you fall in love, that doesn’t mean that’s it.  Marriage and running involves a lot of falling in and out of love, but always relying on the spark that started it all.  Too many times we get caught up in the burn-out moment and forget that there is a moment that rekindles the love soon to follow.  I am so thankful I found a spouse who appreciates this about being married. He and I both said “till death do us part” and we meant it.  Yes, some days suck, but that’s life.
  • When it’s good, it’s great!  The highs of both running and marriage are worth the hard work and effort.  
  • Marriage and running both change with age.  I believe the longer you participate in both, you appreciate the “endurance” aspect of the “sport” rather than the speed, the glitz, the glam.  In the beginning, Rye and I were both in that “newlywed” phase.  Enter children, moving across states, death of a parent, change of jobs….and the newlywed phase faded.  However, I have a new found respect/love/adoration for Ryan through all those “life changing” moments that I never knew existed when we first married.  I would imagine running will be the same way.  Right now, I’m in the newlywed phase…chasing PRs, further, faster distances…but that can’t last forever…I still want the love for running to be there!
  • Being married as well as running has shown me just how much love and respect I have for myself.  Forgive me if I go all Dr. Phil on y’all…but, I don’t believe that you can really love someone or something until you love yourself.  Running requires us to be kind to our bodies, to pay attention to how we are taking care of ourselves so that we can enjoy it for the long haul.  I know one of the biggest reasons my relationship has stood the test of time is the fact that both Ryan and I always make sure that we are happy in our own skin first…otherwise, we wouldn’t have the space for each other, (make sense?)

Ryan, thanks for being the best friend for me. 


Back when we lived in WY. He got a moose tag, I spotted it, he shot… I never thought I would be in a photo like this…but that’s what being married does, pushes you out of your own comfort zone.

I am so thankful that I have someone who has appreciated me for all of my flaws (there are MANY!), loves me no matter how many races I drag him to, loves me no matter how many children I secretly am trying to con him into ;), he has never questioned my loyalty and vice versa, I have done a lot wrong in my life….but marrying him was the best decision I’ve made; hands down.

Had him trained right from the get go! my "pit crew" after my first marathon "Lewis & Clark" in Bozeman, MT.

Had him trained right from the get go! my “pit crew” after my first marathon “Lewis & Clark” in Bozeman, MT.

By the way, this was by far the easiest post for me to type!  I believe that the things we love most give us the most inspiration; I never wanted to love someone so much, but I am glad that I do!



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