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Run Nelly Run

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Because Life Gets in the Way

I hesitate to ever say anything or make promises, because life inevitably gets in the way.  What I wanted to get done, i.e. vlog with Ryan, ended up not happening due to Rye having a late late late night (did I mention it is a late night for him 😉 ) and me being mentally run down.

Today consisted of a VERY grouchy toddler.

seriously, how can someone so tiny and cute be so evil some days?!

seriously, how can someone so tiny and cute be so evil some days?!

A 12 mile run that required more mental endurance/toughness than both child births, every marathon I’ve ever run, and my last ultra race combined!  thank you Trout.

A toddler who clearly is 2 years old and has decided to show up late to the party as far as being slightly more challenging to parent, (was that a nice way to put it? 😉 )

Worked on potty training that is at the cusp of being complete, (he doesn’t go at night, #1 in the potty like a pro, but that darn #2…he just can’t succumb to doing it on the potty yet).  I am contemplating putting a potty in our teepee for some privacy; it seems like every time he does have to go, he makes a break for somewhere quite and secluded.


BTW….parents, or maybe just me, talk A LOT about child bodily fluids and solids…I think it’s the nature of the beast 😉

I took his royal highness to his art date at the Taube


Darn his cuteness and love of art…it almost negates all the screaming that happened between the hours of 6 and 8 am this morning!


Painting with truck tires, genius!


I did manage to clean the bathrooms, do some laundry, take the dogs for a walk, and manage to talk myself into not selling our child on the black market…it’s a day by day thing sometimes 🙁

When you look forward to going to bed by 5 pm…you know you’ve had “one of those days” and all you can do is hold on to the fact that you really truly do love your life, children, messy house….you might just be having a harder time finding that love on that particularly difficult day; not even running could save me from the funk today.

Please check out Real Runners Chat for Liz’s next podcast; she has an incredible runner she’s interviewing, (not that any of her other runners have not been equally incredible..because they are).  I am looking forward to tuning in while on a hopefully more successful run than today’s.




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