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Why You Should Consider a Trail Race

If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now….Trail racing rocks!

So much so, that it has my husband asking to be signed up for a half marathon in the fall!

If Ryan asks to voluntarily run again, whilst paying someone to do it….he has had a “moment” with running, that all of us crazies that run day in and day out voluntarily do, that I believe he will now and forever be a convert; trail running is just that legit.

I am more than happy that Ryan has decided to drink the cool aide; before I know it, he will be surpassing me, pushing me to run faster, farther, better…he just has that natural talent that we all crave.


Ryan at mile 12; 6 left to go! BTW…this is where it was 100+ degrees…what a sport!

Of course when Ryan gives me an inch with wanting to run…my mind goes crazy and I am already dreaming about traveling the globe running races with my bud….my mind just works like that 😉


Anything that makes me smile this big is worth dreaming about, right?!

If you are on the fence about running a trail race or an ultra…please message me and I will do my darnest to help get you to that starting line!  If you are in the midwest, ND, MN area…I will gladly join you! I’ve already told some folks around town that I would help pace them for a BQ…my mission is to help others fall in love with the sport as much as I have.


Mile 26…6 more to go!

Tomorrow I plan on recording Ryan and I about our experience at the Bighorn Trail Run…It might be rough…but, it’s a start!


Ryan will undoubtedly be his usual humorous self and I will be trying my hardest to accomplish my first video blog that requires me to publicly speak..not my strong fact it kind of really strikes terror in my heart.  Why do I do it at all? we all have to face our fears sometime.





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