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Run Nelly Run

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It’s been one of those days; lots of vacation photos too!

We got back yesterday and life has been keeping me on my toes ever since.  I try to explain to Ryan every time I come home from being away with our boys that while time away was well spent, (visiting family, the mountains, Montana) time away rarely means rest and relaxation.  Quite the contrary; I feel like after most trips with just me and my boys, I need another vacation to recover from my “vacation”..following me?

Thankfully, I must have put the vibes out hard to the universe that the boys and I would need a distraction sort-of-speak to help us ease back into life at home.  We were invited to join friends at our local park, I immediately agreed, so the boys and I spent our morning catching up with good friends and enjoying the fact that we didn’t have to head back to reality quite yet.


Apparently the day had lots in store for me and not a lot of it was fun…on arriving home from the park I discovered our dog Rouix had digestive issues all over our house 🙁

Not long after cleaning up the disaster  my laundry room flooded and  to top it all off….I can’t get my furry children in to see the vet, because apparently in our town there are more pet emergencies than vets…there is not one place that can see my critters before mid July! I’m bummed.

To help take the edge off of my not-so-fun day…I decided to reflect and post some of our favorite vacation moments 😉


Trout biking in some ridiculously beautiful places! (I’m completely Jealous that this is part of my sister’s backyard!)


Another ridiculously beautiful place for Trout to have his first mountain bike jam session 😉


Playing with my mini man by a mountain stream, no sound around other than running water!


Getting to watch Bodhi finish with his Dad on his very first trail run, (18 miles without training)…Ryan I don’t know how you do it! but I am so stinking proud of how strong you are and how optimistic you were about the entire, hot, sticky ordeal!


Hanging out with the dinos at the Museum of the Rockies with my boys.  Love watching them explore their curiosities in this place! they’re is always something new to see and do no matter how many times we go.


Watching their bond grow with each passing day!  I am so thankful for their love for one another!


Getting in some quality Benny time!  I don’t get to see my youngest nephew nearly enough! He is already such a little man, walking, talking (speaking spanish at that! he has a bilingual momma lucky man!), and keeping my brother and sister-in-law on their toes…I like to see that!


Last one, I promise! Boys enjoying down-town Sheridan.  

If you haven’t noticed, my family is the center of my universe 🙂

Hoping all of you had a better day than mine! I’m rooting for a better day tomorrow with hopefully a lot less dog disasters.





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