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Run Nelly Run

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A much needed day off

I am not one to usually look forward to rest, relaxation, and doing a whole lot of nothing.  However, today was a much needed day off!  After my long run with the stroller and flying solo as a parent this weekend…I’m pooped.

In a few days the boys and I will be headed to my ultra marathon.  I will be running in the Bighorn Mountain Wild and Scenic Trail Run (50K).  I’ve never ran a distance further than 26.2 in a race before.  My longest trail race was Red Lodge’s Nitty Gritty, (half marathon).  I am excited, nervous, anxious, worried (I’ll get lost), but mostly happy to be heading back to the mountains where my soul feels most complete.


this is part of the trail I get to run on! SO PRETTY!

Ryan and our dear friend Russell will be running the 18 mile distance.  Russell has at least gone to the gym on a regular basis and has a good enough foundation to last 18 miles hopefully unscathed.  Ryan, my dear, sweet Rye, however, has done maybe a run or two and is confident he can finish, but won’t be able to walk for a while after.  I believe him too.  Ryan is a great hunter, he can out hike anyone I know.  I told him to look at this race like he is after the biggest elk of his life; head up, eye on the prize, and if it hurts…slow down and hike like a beast 😉

What are my plans?

  1. Finish
  2. Fuel smart.  This will be tricky, seeing is I have never ran this distance in a race before.  I am looking at this 32 mile race as a practice for my future career as an ultra runner, (right Sarah!)  I bought more Huma gels in raspberry flavor, (they’re my favorite! like eating jam…not too sweet jam).  I have Skratch labs raspberry fruit chews, and I also bought Honey Stinger gluten free waffles in maple flavor.  I haven’t figured out how I will space them out…but I plan on bringing plenty of each and will feel out how my body is feeling throughout the run.
  3. Enjoy the experience.  Trail running is a whole other experience.  I am not out there to be pushing a pace that leaves me uncomfortable and wrecked at the end…this will be a “vacation” run for my body and I am really happy about that.  I plan on taking photos when the moment catches me and chatting up as many who are willing to hang with me for a bit 🙂

If any of you have run an ultra race I would love your advice, words of encouragement, stories…whatever! (by the way, I do plan on packing t.p. too! 😉 ).


I thought I would share this photo from my race yesterday, (courtesy of the event itself!).  I love the fact that my body is driving forward and looks strong! I have been struggling with my hips dropping, especially when I’m tired, it looks like some progress has been made!  I have a lot of work ahead of me with that problem, but it is something to be excited about; I know I am more efficient/powerful of a runner when I am driving forward with my gluteal muscles and not swinging from my hips.   Any of you struggle with that problem too?




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