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Last Minute Race Recap!

If I haven’t said it before, I will say it now…local race are the best!

Our town, off the beaten path as it may seem at times, is really great at putting together great charity races as well as having some of the most amazing folks that are nothing short of kind, sincere, and down-to-earth as they come just waiting to sing your praises and make you feel like a million bucks..for that reason alone, I will always love where I live even if I say I don’t A LOT.

Tonight, my home place, put on a race for a great cause and this year I decided, (last minute) I was going to make a return and this time without my 135-ish lb stroller.

The course is not a cake walk.  It is at the newest country club, beautiful scenery, but HILLY.  In the 2 or so miles, (according to my garmin 2.24 miles) you gain over 1,000 vertical ft.  This race is all about mental toughness…speedy is nice, but it is the one’s stubborn enough to stick it out that cross the finish line.  


I am happy to announce that sans-stroller I finished that race and did my boys proud by crossing it with a huge smile and hug for all three, (after all, that’s all they ever really want for/from me, and I love them for that!)


I love being able to show my boys that nothing is ever handed out for free; well, it can, but the things that bring us the greatest amount of joy usually require the most amount of work.

My boys have all watched me work day in and day out on trying my best to juggle motherhood with running and I am so thankful when I can see their proud faces looking at me telling me I’m the best.  

Real quick about the run; It was tough, did I mention that before?  I have run a trail run climbing up a ski hill in Red Lodge Montana 3 x’s, so I feel I can gage something as being somewhat tough or not…this was mentally grueling for all 2 miles.  Surprisingly enough, it was the downhill that was harder than the uphill.  Uphills were about me telling myself, “you run hills every day pushing a stroller or giving kids rides up at the local stairs, you’ve got this!”.  Do any of you other runners or non-runners give yourself pep-talks a lot? I do!

The icing on the cake was seeing my boys smiling faces waiting for me to finish.  Funny story, Ryan, has not actually ever seen me finish a race! He either shows up too late, (miscalculating my finishing time) or some other incident occurred keeping him from seeing me cross the finish line.  Tonight, he got to see me finish! He said it was pretty cool 😉

If having a great race wasn’t great enough…my Azure Standard food order came today! 


There are so many variables that factor into what makes a runner great.  On any given day you could have 2 of the 100 other things that are required to having a good race go right and the rest fail.  However, I feel like the most important factor as well as the one that we have the most “say” over is fueling our bodies best for our specific body, (does that make sense? poison for one is medicine for another, yes?)

I love fermented foods and was happy to see that I could make my own Kevita drinks at home with Kefir water grains.  I also found a vegan yogurt starter that will be great for making homemade coconut milk yogurt, (Bodhi has been on a yogurt kick as of late and I am anxious to make my own!)  

I don’t see food as good vs. bad..I view food as fuel and nourishment.  When you start to look at what food has to offer you and how it can make your body feel better…you only see what your body needs 😉 getting all mushy with yourself and your gut is a must! It has taken me a long time to realize what works for me and I have a feeling it will be a life long quest!

I’ll hopefully have success with my fermentation venture and be able to share my successes.

To all of those that ran/walked/pushed a heavy ass stroller while pregnant, (you know who you are! 😉 )….Congratulations! 




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